Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

May 2014  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


With every breath and heartbeat I Am only thinking, feeling and speaking positive, constructive ideas which bless all life everywhere…


Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the Divine Consecration of the Holy Spirit! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.  

* * *

Seven Temples of Initiation Meditation ~ Part I 

I welcome you with all the love of my heart and ask that you now join your energies with mine as we prepare to take a wonderful journey, a sacred crossing from the physical realm of this time and this place to the inner realms of Divine Spirit...

With each and every breath you take, let go, let go of all the cares of this past month... You are calm... You are quiet... You are still... You truly are at perfect peace, deep within the Great Silence... Breathe in and gently breathe out... Feel yourself enveloped in an invincible forcefield of protection... Breathe in... and slowly release your breath... Within this powerful forcefield, a mighty fountain of Violet Fire now rises and fills your protective space. You are now, safe, purified, free and ready for what is yet to come...  (pause)  

Centered deep within the sacred essence of your divinity listen now as one of our beloved ascended brothers speaks to us.  

“...You have each visited me on and off throughout the centuries. My complete discipline lies in turning the consciousness of the aspirant inward to his or her own flaming heartbeat until such a one can draw from that heartbeat everything - all that is necessary to nourish their physical body, just as Moses drew manna from Heaven. And their clothing, the very garments with which the initiate approaches my altar, is woven from the energies of their own primal life force...   

“Beloved ones, your mastery and completeness is deep within, just as the oak tree is within the acorn and the chicken is within the egg. As the smallest and most insignificant seed contains within itself, not only the pattern of its full flower, but also the way and means of externalizing that pattern, the nourishment required, the magnetic pull upon the elements to develop itself, you can be certain the Divine Pattern within the heart of every member of humanity is endowed with this same self-sufficiency.  

“It but requires the realization that within the Light from your Mother-Father God that constantly flows into your world each minute, is the fullness of everything you desire - strength, healing, freedom, illumination, love, and every other divine quality. 

“Then, when the time comes that you choose to become a candidate for the Ascension, you must have successfully passed through the disciplines of the Seven Great Temples of Initiation and learned complete surrender of heart, soul, spirit and desire to cooperate fully with the Will of God.” (pause) 

Thank you beloved Serapis Bey. Through your magnificent gift to life may we always continue our ever-upward journey back into the Heart of our Mother/Father God. Taking these words to heart, I would now like to share with you what takes place in these sacred Temples.  

What if these sacred temples and their Initiations didn’t take place somewhere very far away at inner levels; but right here on Earth as we experience the fullness of each and every challenge and learning experience in our daily lives?  

What if we could travel among the various temples in no particular order, returning to them over and over again to fine tune our ever-expanding spiritual enlightenment?  Please keep these things in your mind as we take this wonderful journey...  (pause) 

Beloved ones, in preparation please take a moment to further relax and center yourself. Once again begin to breathe deeply and rhythmically... in... and out... Now, open your minds and hearts fully to what you are about to experience...  

We have been told by mighty Serapis Bey, who will be with us on this magnificent journey, that the neophyte, or beginner on the path, in preparation, is first placed within a chamber unaccompanied and allowed time to commune with his or her own Holy and sacred I AM Presence, constantly endeavoring to contact their own God Self and then developing humility before it...   

Was this not the time in your own spiritual evolution when you came to question your reason for being? You often felt alone in your endeavors. Then slowly you began to realize there was so much more to life then you were being told and you started asking yourself and others many questions. Often unsatisfied with the answers, you began to look at your life very closely, not only the present moment but the past and future as well...   

Then, within the first great temple, under the direction of the great El Morya and his assistants came the dissolving of rebellion. It is rebellion within each lifestream that takes us away from a perfect state of grace and constant communion with our God Self... Rebellion took Lucifer from the Heart of Heaven. It is also rebellion against discipline and self-correction that is the barrier to any real spiritual progress. This does not mean that one should assume servility to any human self or submission even to the will of any great master, but the quality of rebellion that is within the consciousness of each one must be melted away so the student can truly begin to open themselves fully to the Will of God. 

Those who serve in this Temple have various ways and means of drawing out of the dormant consciousness - those less than God Qualities - and a good number of our candidates remove themselves from the temple before passing through this first initiation. 

In other words, most people step off this new spiritual path before they have even really begun to travel along it!  

This is why there is also set into motion during this time at inner levels, currents of energy which bring forth particular reactions to dissolve rebellion in ones feelings, rebellion against limitation, and rebellion against conditions. However, let me point out that it does not require submission to limitation, but a constant alert awareness, setting into action the Law which is in your hands to remedy conditions and keep you harmonious and peaceful during this entire process. Wherever each of us finds ourselves in our spiritual development I AM sure we can relate to this specific time in our lives. (pause) 

Those few who pass the initiation of the First Temple are quickly taken into the Second Temple, known as the Temple of Learning. Here, under the direction of Lord Lanto and the Brothers and Sisters of his Order, students are given detailed instruction on divine principles. Much time is taken to develop a true understanding of the Law of Cause and Effect and all those other Spiritual Laws which relate to life on this planet.  

It is a pleasant and happy time, a time of the sowing many seeds; a time of breathing life into these seeds and bringing forth the harvest of your knowledge, by putting what you have learned into practice. It is a time when the artist develops his skill, the musician his dexterity of musical accomplishment, a time when a teacher becomes eloquent in the ability to convey knowledge and stir enthusiasm in their students; a time when the statesman gains their vision. It is a time when all that is good develops and grows; and everyone’s enthusiasm is tremendous... 

Do you remember these very special times beloved ones? You were constantly guided to everything you needed to progress further along your path - someone gave you a wonderful book that answered so many of the questions you had been asking yourself. You met others who felt as you did and you thanked God to finally have someone to share your thoughts and ideas with. You also began to see examples of divine principle all around you that further enhanced your learning experience and illumined your path. In your eyes, life could not be any more perfect and you were truly blessed!  (pause) 

From the wonderful initiation in the Second Temple, most of you passed successfully into the Third Temple and found yourselves under the great protection and guidance of beloved Lady Rowena. Here again, you experienced the discipline of living with your brothers and sisters, of becoming each other’s keeper. Everyone was placed with lifestreams who have within themselves those tendencies which were particularly aggravating to the others. And as we all know, this is not the easiest of times in our spiritual evolvement and evolution. We quickly found ourselves being tested, at every level, on everything we had learned thus far on our quest and we were constantly asking for forgiveness.  

During this time, our greatest wish was that these difficult people would just go away and leave us alone! But somewhere deep within  we knew, that if this happened, they would only be replaced with others just like them, or worse yet, even more difficult to get along with, so we tried to remain patient and interact well with everyone we came in contact.  Quite often we had to reach deep into all our knowledge to justify their actions and we did our very best to love them no matter what they said or did… 

 Here again, your numbers quickly dwindled, for with great feelings of relief, many rushed for the door and left the Third Temple - The Temple of Divine Love. This was unfortunate, for to live happily and peacefully with one’s fellowman is one of the greatest tests of the unascended state. Although the graciousness, the beauty, the kindliness of the members of this brotherhood is so great that they can melt a heart of stone, the discipline which is required in learning tolerance and understanding is such that very few survive this challenge.  

However, those of us who do, quickly come to understand that all those people who cause us the most difficulty were doing nothing more, than mirroring that which we needed to look at within ourselves and the power of gratitude began to flow through our beings and we look forward to our next step and through the use of the sacred flames we chose to enter more fully into this magnificent temple. (pause) 

You now move into the Fourth Temple which is my temple. This is the first personal contact I have with the neophyte since you originally decided to embark on this great process. It is a time when the student must, for the first time, draw forth enough purity to see his or her own Holy Christ Self face to face, in other words recognize that God truly lives within…  

This is the initiation when the Presence of God must be allowed to come to the fore, to enfold and fully merge with the initiate and take command. It is also a time when many nefarious presentations from the lower bodies come to the consciousness of the student. It is a time when, if allowed to take control, the ego is inflated and ‘many voices’ speak of great things the human self shall do... We all can relate to this time in our lives. A time when our ego runs rampant and we believe ourselves to be someone very special and that what we are experiencing, no one else can even begin to understand for these things cannot happen to anyone else.  

It is a critical time in our spiritual awakening when only discrimination, prayer, selflessness and especially humility can discern the truth and unmistakably hear God, perhaps for the first time. This is the time when the human self is shorn of all egotism, subtle and apparent, and needless to say, too many fail this challenge.  However, those who successfully pass through this initiation (during which time the great Chohan of the Fourth Ray stands within your aura and prays the prayer of his heart to God) and each lifestream is fully prepared to be re-consecrated. This beloved ones is a major turning point in your lives for in passing this initiation, you become stronger, wiser and more loving than when you began your journey, and others will now begin to look at you, and wanting what you have, they too will begin to seek the answers to their many questions. (pause) 

(to be continued ~ June 2014 Gift of Light)



You are aware that through the use of thought and feeling you affect all life - positively or otherwise.


Remember you are accountable to the Cosmic Law for every bit of energy you use and, through loving thoughts, words and deeds the Universe is enriched.


Remember to think and speak only positive, constructive ideas and you will bless all life, and as the energy gathers more of itself all life will be enriched.


Cultivate the idea of Blessing all Life... Love your neighbor free and your consciousness will be lifted to great heights where you will understand and know and act as the Divine Beings you are.


Bless all life with every Breath, serving always under the Consecration of the Holy Spirit.




Sea of Emotions  

As you are very aware your emotional body is often in need of healing. Over lifetimes of embodiments you have acquired a very large amount of feelings that cling to every fiber of your being and may be creating some struggle in your life. But through the use of the Green Flames of Truth and Healing at all levels, this disquiet in your life can be greatly reduced.  

We can all agree that your feeling nature acts as a powerful driving force in your forward spiritual development. No matter what the outer appearances, when you are centered deep within the threefold flame at your heartcenter this, the largest of your lower vehicles, is in contact and aware of everything within and around you. By listening to and following the guidance of your emotional body your path will become easier. However, for this to happen perfectly this important part of yourself must be clear of all the clutter you have collected over the ages. Once again you must call upon the Violet Fire of Transmutation and Freedom along with the Green Flames of Truth and Healing to assist in this process. Throughout this time of transformation also remember to feel joy and happiness with your every accomplishment. Be proud of who you are and recognize how far you have come since you first chose to take embodiment on this planet. These qualities especially will assist you greatly as you continue to complete each and every task set before you on your path to enlightenment. 

At this point are you beginning to feel closer to the Divine? Have you become more aware of your connection with higher energies and greater knowledge? Do you feel more confident, knowing that whatever it is you need in this lifetime, it is already there, waiting for you to recognize and accept? If so you are making good progress and if not - do not allow yourself to become discouraged! 

The path you have followed to get to this point in your evolution has been long and for many of you difficult and arduous. Remember it may take some time to sort out and sift through your many lifetimes of experiences to become that all powerful, all knowing and all loving being of Light you truly are. You are at that place where all your lives have become an open book to show you where you have been and where you are going. Know beloved ones, change can and often does take place over night or even in an instant. However, the challenge that remains once you institute any change in your life is to maintain it. It is often challenging not to fall back into old patterns of thinking, feeling and living especially when you find yourself in similar situations that created them. 

This is why it is so important to remain centered and peaceful at all times. Have love, compassion and patience especially for yourself. As you are making changes in your life you need to be able to observe what is taking place within and around you so that you can assess each situation and decide how best to respond. In the beginning this must be a very conscious process on your part as you learn more about yourself. With each step on your spiritual path it may seem as if you are moving forward very slowly indeed. However, over time you will come to trust your understanding, your purpose and your response in each experience and the pace of your forward progress will steadily increase.





June 2014