Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

February 2014  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Completely anchored and directly connected with the One Universal Consciousness, I AM at one with the unity of Divine Truth and the Immaculate Concept of all life. 


Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...full freedom, expansion and inspiration in everlasting peace! (3x) 

*The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * *


Part of the necessary process of restoration you are each going through at this time involves the activity of personal healing, for without the healing of your feelings, mind, body, being and world your forward progress will be very slow indeed. The requirement of this hour in the Earth's evolution is that those who are aware of the Divine Higher Truths evolve to the point where they become, to the best of their ability, perfect examples of these principles. Then, by their actions show the world the truth contained within these teachings. 

Beloved ones, the results of this process is not something that can be forced by human will. This way of being is something that must come easily and naturally to those who believe, know and fully understand what the many great Truths of Wisdom have been offering for centuries upon centuries of time to those who were willing to take the time to listen. However, before this personal transformation can take place, personal healing must occur. This does not mean that you won't have difficult days in the future, but that for at least one moment you will manage to heal and release all the pain, distress and burdens you have been carrying around and adding to for so many lifetimes of existence. From that point you will then be able to take one day at a time and prevent disease and distress from entering your life again. By not taking care of each small problem before it joins together with other difficulties you can manifest something that quite quickly seems to be too large for you to handle, and this will allow your lower self to once again take control of your life. 

Beloved chelas, you have already been given all the tools you need to accomplish this task and it is now up to you to find the time in your life to complete this very personal work that ultimately no one else can do for you. Over time you will look at qualities that may be impinging upon or delaying your forward spiritual progress. Let us begin by exploring a specific aspect of the quality that often causes feelings of separation. 

It has been stated previously: "Your greatest challenge at this time in your spiritual development is that of relinquishment." I want to reassure you that this part of your spiritual development will not take anything away from you, my beloved ones! Quite the contrary! The process of relinquishment will allow your Divine Presence to once again take command of your outer self. Your every thought, feeling, memory, action and reaction will once again be of Divine Design. 

The time has come to finally and fully recognize and remember always the great being of light you truly are. Dear chelas claim your divinity! For within this perfected state of consciousness you will easily be able to forgive yourself and others of all past mistakes that have been made since the beginning of your personal evolution. All thoughts and feelings of separation will be dissolved and transmuted and you will come to know, without any doubt, everything you wish to do that is constructive in nature is already within you. However, your ability to grasp these divine ideas must come from a pure mind, heart and intention. You will also then be able to lovingly embrace all your brothers and sisters in the human family, for you can now truly see them for who they are. No longer will separation be able to find a foothold in your consciousness as the quality of unity expands throughout your being and you fully understand and accept the divine principle of the “oneness of all life”. 

Beloved ones, with this oneness do you ever fear that perhaps you may lose your personal identity? I speak to you today to reassure you that quite the contrary is true! Once you have firmly drawn this divine quality deep within, beautifully recognizing the truth and reality of your own true being and all that this includes, you will become more firmly anchored within your own individual flame of divinity. Then, the qualities of love, wisdom and power along with your own personal momentum to life shall blaze forth so brightly joyously embracing the perfection of all life. Blessed of my heart, during this time work with the divine qualities of relinquishment and unity, allow yourself to receive these many gifts. Feel the flame as it enfold you now in divine truth to assist you in your process of healing and stand by your side throughout the coming era. 



With integrity and humility and as a seeker of the Truth, I now desire to know myself…


…it shall then be through selflessness, sacrifice and service that I will let go and allow the divine process to help me find true freedom. However, first I must be patient, and through transmutation and release, move ever forward, until with gratitude for answered prayers, I can trust and simply be…




Discourse for Supplemental Service

New Year’s Conference

December 31, 2013 

Beloved of my heart, 

It is a great honor and joy to come before you on this most special day when the energy, vibration and consciousness of this year gently melds into that of the next; creating a new and exciting period of time in which to learn, grow and serve your beloved sisters and brothers in the Human Family. Add to this the ever-expanding momentum of the millennia so recently begun and the stage is set once again to further establish a New Age of Freedom upon your blessed planet.  

What makes this incoming new age so different since freedom has been a significant aspect, especially in this country since its inception. During the next two thousand years freedom will become more than just a word cited, discussed and debated with very little actual implementation in the physical world of form. It will begin to fully manifest, along with its many accompanying aspects such as liberty, self-determination, autonomy and independence, in the minds, hearts, beings and worlds of all life on Earth. And this, beloved ones, will come to pass through individuals who are unafraid and enthusiastic about sharing divine truth with others.  

This will be fulfilled in several ways. One is through those individuals who are teachers and instructors who shall share this reality with those masses, who are searching for ways in which to enrich their lives - to change their attitudes, beliefs and behavior in order to make this world a better place in which to live for themselves, their children and the many generations yet to be born. There will also be those who by their dedicated and silent example will be the way showers for humanity to enter this new age of spiritual freedom. Their only difference is their level of service, not with one being ‘better’ or ‘higher’ then the other but by their use of free will choice in deciding how best to educate and serve. And often you will find that they can be one and the same. 

To those who are teachers in the traditional sense you may often look for that so called ‘new information’ to share with your students. Some individuals do this as a way to draw people to them - to create a following. The problem with this is that you must then constantly come up with fresh ideas, each one more unique and original then the last to keep them. Some leaders will even take this new information from others and modify it in some way to make it their own. Either way, in so doing, they lose sight of the divine source of spiritual truths and negate their true reason for being. 

Today I come to remind you that there are no new details or revelations to share. For over the eons of time this planet has been in existence the facts and details have all been given. Look to organized religions, some of which have been functioning for several thousand years. Pushing aside that which seems to make them unique you will find that in most cases their founding belief - their seed idea - is the same. The only difference is how they chose to explain, support, defend and justify their belief system often placing an individual or group of individuals between their members and God to have control over their followers. 

As you well know this is not what many of your sisters and brothers are looking for. They yearn for a direct connection with the Universal Presence of All Life and yet they do not know how to do this. Freedom has not become ingrained within their consciousness. Yes, many believe they know the meaning of this concept but it has not been anchored within for they are still in the process of experiencing this magnificent gift to the fullest. They may even be bogged down in the lesser aspects that freedom can bring such as inhibition, petulance and selfishness. 

For this reason, you, my beloved chelas have a very important task at this time in your earth’s evolution and that is to offer ways to share the divine truth with others so that each one will understand and be able to create their own relationship with the Godhead and this, beloved ones as you well know can truly be a challenge!   

Before closing it is my sincere request that you, beloved ones share with others - either by inspiration or by silent example - how to find that profound and everlasting peace not just by knowing but recognizing and fully comprehending that we are all one with the Universal Presence. Then, after that divine relationship is experienced they must be shown how to maintain it through prayer, meditation, introspection and living life to the fullest as the God Free Beings of Light humanity always has been and will forever be, perhaps at times hidden from sight behind the Veil of Maya but nevertheless that pure and perfect image of the Divine that you each are.  

Know that on the verge of an exciting new world, you stand firmly anchored in the Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love steadfastly focused on Divine Principle. And from deep within the boundless Silence of the One Universal Consciousness a profound translucent Light has now emerged, perfectly aligned with the all-encompassing realization of the unconditional love of the Violet Fire - that innovative, harmonious, sensitive energy constantly expanding God’s First Cause. 

Always remember that during this time of great challenge and opportunity, you, beloved of my heart, are the Light shining through the darkness, silently supporting your human family and all life on planet Earth... You, each one, are the Sacred Fire... You are the Violet Transmuting Flame. ...You are the manifest Presence of Divine Love... Now, expand it forth...  

So be it, beloved I AM that I AM... 



Decree for our Ever Expanding Success 

In the name, power and authority of the One Universal Consciousness, beloved Ima, Mother of our beloved Earth and all great beings, powers and legions of Light from every realm of life, we make this call: 

As disciples of Holy Spirit operating within the sacred Hand of God, we consciously choose to continue our service to life – as Silent Watchers – channels of divine Light, Love, Illumination, Healing and Peace. We also acknowledge our oneness with the angelic, elemental and human kingdoms and re-dedicate ourselves to bring prosperity at all levels and to all aspects of life on planet Earth. 

May the perfection of the sacred Cities of St. John manifest now on planet Earth! (*3x) 

And expand ever outward across the face of this world further fulfilling God’s Great Divine Plan. May we always continue to be divinely guided and inspired, taking full responsibility for our individual and collective roles in the current and future development of all that will occur on our beloved planet. 

We thank you for this wonderful opportunity and are grateful for the immediate manifestation of this and our every call to the victorious Light of God. 

So be it, beloved I AM that I AM


* * * 


Decree to the Universal Presence of the Divine 

Dearly beloved Presence of God, I AM that I AM, to you who through your great love, created all that is in the universe, we, who serve you this day and every day, thank you for your outpouring of love and Light. We thank you for your blessings of every kind. Hold them sustained in, through and around us and pour them through us for the blessings and raising of all life on our dear planet Earth. As we stand cleansed in body, mind, soul and spirit, may you always weave the pristine substance of your living Presence in, through and around us and our worlds. 

May all dreams, visions, ideas and plans for increasing humanity’s goodness be manifest and recorded as deeds well done at the end of each year as the ephemeral substance of the inner realms clothe all the elements of this physical appearance world and stand forth manifest to bless and raise the entire human race. 

And now, may all your magnificent blessings, especially the peace which does surpass the understanding of the human mind be with us always to protect and guide us on our spiritual paths toward enlightenment and freedom. This shall be, for we speak as your most sacred and holy name, I AM that I AM. 


* * *



This month let us work with the quality of expectation. This word in and of itself has in the past and continues to create tremendous mis-trust and dis-ease within your four lower vehicles. How many times has the pain of not receiving what you felt was due you entered your mind? How often has sadness filled your physical body and caused illness, no matter how small, when things didn't appear to work out as you expected them to? Have there been times in your life when what was taking place around you caused your emotional body to be thrown into chaos and your feeling world shut down? How many times has your etheric body been imprinted with the way you thought something should be as you looked at a situation in your life and judged it, either consciously or not? If you were able to answer yes to at least one of these questions, then you need to look at how expectation has affected your lower bodies and work to heal these areas in your life. It is time to let go of and no longer accept this quality your human ego uses so often to misguide you on your forward path toward enlightenment and spiritual freedom. 

You must learn once again to not expect anything from any person, place, condition, situation or thing in your life having full faith that however your life is manifesting it is perfect for your individual learning experience. You must come to trust and know, without a doubt of any kind, that everything in your life is in divine order, and live fully in this realization every moment allowing every day to unfold naturally according to your divine plan and that of those around you, as well as your entire planet, no matter what the outer appearances may be. You must also be ready to let go of all negativity that has attached itself to you in any way and diligently work to keep yourself clear of this effluvia and the effect it has on you. 

My dear chelas, don't you understand that it is within the quality of expectation that you come to see your world as imperfect! Right here and right now say to your ego out loud in a strong and powerful voice: Human ego be silent! I no longer accept the many traps and pitfalls you have used throughout my many lifetimes in an attempt to block my spiritual development and keep me from becoming one with the Divine! Say these words again, this time with full conviction. See your Holy Christ Self expanding and becoming one with your lower vehicles. Repeat these words a third time and feel the energy and freedom contained within them now breaking the chains that have bound you for so long, as you rise up into the loving arms of your I AM Presence. Becoming one with this divine aspect of yourself all the good of everything stored within your causal body and the knowledge it contains now becomes available to you. This is not what you can expect, beloved ones. This is who you truly are! Right here and right now place your attention upon your own divinity and keep it there continually! If you have to use this affirmation daily, hourly or even every minute - do so. 

I believe very quickly you will begin to see the results of your words, for every time you repeat these statements your attention will also focus upon your desire to live your life according to the Divine Plan, and it is within this pure desire to be healed that your ability to do so will be found. Have a wonderful month, my dear chelas, continuing the process of healing, further manifesting your perfection in the world of form!


 * * * 


March 2014