Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

March 2014

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Fully enfolded in the activity of the Sacred Fire of Faith and Protection…I AM perfection within my thoughts, feelings and memories… and my lower vehicles are now free as I see clearly, unencumbered by the uncertainty, illusions and shadows of the outer world.


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the Fire of Faith which fills me with resolute power of Divine Will! (3x) 

* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

Monthly Meditation ~ January 19, 2014 

I welcome you here with all the love of my heart and ask that you now join your energies with mine as we prepare to take a wonderful journey, a sacred crossing from the physical realm of this time and this place to the inner realms of Divine Spirit. 

Today we will work with the strength, power, protection and faith of the First Ray. Two of its most wonderful representatives will join us today to share their gifts, wisdom and blessings so that we can more perfectly work with the energies, vibration and consciousness of this New Year. 

Now, please take a comfortable position in your chair. Sit up straight… your feet flat on the floor…. Rest your hands gently in your lap… Take a deep and gentle breath in... And slowly breathe out... Breathe in again... Now, easily and effortlessly release your breath. Continue to breathe in... And out in a gentle rhythmic manner. When you feel ready, please close your eyes...    

With each and every breath you take, let go of all the cares of this past month... All thoughts of your job... Your responsibilities at home... all the things you think you could or should be doing right now, instead of being here and taking care of your spiritual needs... Breathe in again... and as you breathe out, release all tension within your head... your neck... your shoulders... your heart center... Your solar plexus... Your entire body is now relaxed as you totally and completely rest gently against your chair...  

You are calm... You are quiet... You are still... You truly are at perfect peace... and you feel a wonderful field of energy now flowing into and around your body, growing and intensifying with each and every breath... Using your inner vision you see that it is blue in color. It is a warm, comforting, protecting, freeing energy and you happily look forward to working with it today...   

Continuing to breathe deeply and gently you now become aware of the all-encompassing presence of beloved Archangel Michael and Lady Faith and you quickly realize they would like to work with you today as you hear the following words within your mind:  “Beloved ones, we are now at a crucial time in the Earth’s evolution, for faith has become a forgotten quality for so many. Humanity is having such difficulty seeing beyond the illusion of hopelessness and chaos, that many are fully entering into this negativity, using their strength and power to intensify this less than perfect energy. No longer can this be the case! Faith must once again come forth and flourish, so humankind may perceive the perfection which exists right now, and has always been.” (Pause) 

Considering the truth of this instruction you instantly see within your mind’s eye a great Being of Light standing before you. Both of his hands firmly grip the handle of his mighty sword, which he holds upright, close to his chest. For a moment he looks deep into your eyes, then - bowing his head in loving recognition - his forehead lightly touches his sword. He then extends his arms forward and gently touches your forehead with his sword - his famous sword of blue flame - known throughout the ages to cut free any and all lines of force which tie humanity to anything not of the Light! 

As this magnificent sword of blue makes physical contact, your entire head is filled with beloved Michael’s magnificent blue flame, allowing the release of all old and hidden thoughtforms and perceptions, which are less than God’s Perfection. This powerful flame expands throughout your being and you are now fully enfolded in the activity of the Sacred Fire of Faith and Protection.  

Feel as this sacred flame gently dissolves every line of force less than perfection within your thoughts, ideas, feelings and memories. Your mental and etheric vehicles are now free and you see clearly, unencumbered by the uncertainty and shadows created by humankind’s turbulent emotional vehicle. 

The Fire of Faith - that of his divine complement now blazes forth and you immediately feel her unwavering strength and exquisite beauty surrounding you. Wishing to share her personal gift, she acknowledges your presence. At the same time, Archangel Michael touches his sword to your heart, creating a magnificent bridge to blue flame from them both to your heartcenter. Feel the Blue Flame as it blazes brightly. Feel it expand, expand and expand filling every inch of your being, inside and out, dissolving all doubt, fear and mistrust, and any other emotions not of God, to their very cause and core. The time quickly comes when only purity remains, a fertile ground wherein all manner of good may now be sown. (Pause) 

Lady Faith reaches across the bridge of blue flame, bringing the seeds of faith with her, which she now places within your heart, as Faith once again has room to develop and grow. She joins the rhythm of your breathing and with every breath you take, her gift grows larger and brighter, until Faith fills every atom of your being. Feel her love and strength coursing through your body. Know that this sacred gift is now once again an integral part of you and shall remain with you forever. 

Archangel Michael now once again speaks to you: “You honor me with your presence today... As you strive to achieve balance in your lower bodies, you widen the span over which we in the Ascended Realm shower humanity with the many qualities that will raise all life on your planet.

Believe me, beloved ones, when I say this span will never be broken asunder through the efforts of anyone, so long as you have faith in us and faith in your eventual victory in the Light!  Faith has sustained me through the darkest periods and it is the gift I offer to you now, at this moment! Stretch forth your hands and receive this blessing beloved ones! Accept it and I shall cut you free from any and all limitation in your life!” Breathe in... and breathe out... (Pause)  

Accepting this wonderful opportunity you now receive another gift:  “Do you remember beloved ones when you were very, very young and the whole world stretched out before you? You knew that there was nothing beyond your grasp! You knew there was nothing you could not accomplish, once your mind was set upon your goal. Then slowly, very slowly, so-called reality was brought to your attention and you came to believe in limitation… 

“I AM here to tell you, that this is not your reality! This is not your truth! We have shown you the truth because you opened your minds and hearts, seeking to discover that which is missing from your existence. The fact that you are here, working together for a common good, proves that you are attempting to overcome the obstacles of the human self and it is my fervent prayer that you will continue to reach ever upward, seeking ever higher, for as your consciousness is lifted, all life rises with you! This beloved ones is Mastery!” (Pause) 

As Archangel Michael and Lady Faith prepare to take their leave, you humbly kneel to thank and bless both of these beings of great Light, Love and Protection for their long and selfless service to Earth. Archangel Michael now raises his mighty sword high once again, and holding it tightly with both hands, places the tip of his sword first upon your right shoulder, then upon your left, and finally upon your crown chakra. With this action, he endows you with his own title, you are a defender of the Faith, now and forever! 

Feeling the energies of the Body of Light, you become aware that chelas all over the planet have been part of this same freeing activity and we are now able to truly see the perfect world created for us by the great Universal Presence of the Divine...   

The waters of our world are now pure, sparkling and filled to overflowing with the goodness of life. The shores upon which they gently wash are soft, smooth and clean. We even hear the rhythm of the waves as they roll toward the shore, ablaze with crystalline light. We feel the mighty power of the water element, Neptune’s love for us, replenishing and nurturing us and we are confident that these waves will always break gently at our feet... This beloved ones is Faith! Breathe in... and breathe out...  

We see the magnificent forests in all their radiant glory, with the limitless colors and shades of green. We hear a profound silence, which is broken only by the joyful songs of the birds, the rustle of the wind through the trees, and the gentle calls of the animals reaching out and connecting with one another wherever they may be. All is enfolded in a wonderful aura of peace and serenity and we feel a total and complete love for our Earth Mother, knowing without a doubt, she provides us with all we need to maintain our life from her own most beautiful body... This beloved ones is Faith! Breathe in... and breathe out...  

All across the deserts, painted with the subtle colors of gold, brown and red, we feel the sands of purity moving beneath our feet. We also feel our God Parents, beloved Helios and Vesta, and the absolute constancy of their love, purifying, purifying and purifying our four lower vehicles, providing us with all the energy we need to fulfill our missions here on Earth. We know that each day the sun will rise, bringing with it many new and wonderful opportunities to learn, grow and serve life... This beloved ones is Faith! Breathe in... and breathe out...  

Now, feel the wind upon our faces, gently caressing our bodies and cleansing our auras as we see the wind moving through the clouds and trees, creating a graceful dance upon and around our planet. Hearing the wind gently blowing in the night, we know all is well, for a great cleansing of our atmosphere is in progress and tomorrow the air we breathe will be fresh and sweet, filling us with the essence of life every time we take a breath... This beloved ones is Faith! Breathe in... and breathe out...  

Now, turning our attention to each other, we observe love, strength, protection, wisdom, compassion, mercy, friendship, harmony, trust, peace and all the other divine qualities that come forth when a group of beings of great light come together with a common purpose, no matter how large or how small. We know without a doubt we are safe in one another’s presence, for what we say, think, feel and do will be understood, without judgment, without fear and without anger as we each learn the many lessons of life we have come to overcome in this embodiment, supported forever by our friends and co-servers, not only from the higher realms, but from this physical plane as well... This beloved sisters and brothers is faith! Breathe in... and breathe out...  

From deep within the great sea of One Universal Consciousness where the individual consciousness of all awakened beings merge, resplendent sentinels of magnificent Light now arise, silently and lovingly enfolding all life on planet Earth in the pure and perfect divine essence of the Immaculate Concept. 

Breathe in deeply beloved ones... and gently breathe out... I AM your Breath... I AM your Being... I AM your Cause... I AM the One Universal Consciousness extending from eternity to eternity... I AM Divinity enfolding all life in this awareness, this awakening and this unfoldment... I AM that I AM! Breathe in once again... and gently breathe out...  

With renewed strength and faith, received from what we have experienced today, gently begin to return your attention to our physical space... Take your time, beloved ones for there is no need to hurry. Feel the peace of God flow over you, through your head, your neck, your shoulders, your heart center, your solar plexus, all the way down to your feet and into the center of the our blessed Mother Earth... Now, enfolded in a beautiful cloak of serenity and peace, please open your eyes... I thank each of you for all that you have given during our time together serving the Light of God that is eternally victorious. Hopefully we have each received all that we require to continue along our spiritual paths until we meet again...  


Healing Truth

With the start of this new year let us devote ourselves to personal healing; and then let us focus our attention upon our immediate families; moving ever outward for the healing of all chelas of this Activity of Light and lightworkers everywhere; and finally as we prepare to complete this work planetary healing will be our major concern.


As you look over these tasks, you are probably thinking there is so much work to be done. I say to each one of you now: "You consciously volunteered to come to Earth to serve and this, beloved ones, is exactly what you shall do, especially this year as part of the further fulfillment of your individual and collective divine plans as you work with the magnificent flames of healing and all their many aspects." 


However, I would also like to remind you: “All that you have ever given and shall continue to give to life shall return to you one day a thousand fold or more!"  Remember to hold to this truth, for it shall assist you in times of need just as it has done for those who have come before.


You may ask: “How will this healing take place?"  It shall be through the fulfillment of Divine Will through the recognition, understanding and acceptance of Divine Truths and Divine Principles into your lives. As most of you are aware, the following statement was made so long ago: “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!"   This statement remains as true today as it was then. In fact, with your expanded understanding and wisdom coming forth at this time in Earth's evolution, this directive becomes even more important as lifestreams everywhere are beginning to take responsibility for their life energy and searching within for the truth so they can accomplish their life's mission.


Until we are able to meet in silent communion once again, may you be surrounded in Divine Love as you come to know the One Universal Presence and may your life be filled with peace from this day forth. 


Personal Healing 

You who have chosen to follow this path of learning, to receive and understand higher spiritual knowledge, have you completed the tasks asked of you previously? If so, you are ready to proceed; if not, stop right here and do what has been asked of you. 

One of the first things you must be able to do when working with the quality of healing, or for that matter all aspects of your life and service, if you wish to remain in the One Universal Consciousness is to rise above the personal and learn how to look at life objectively. No longer will you be able to add negative thoughts, feelings or actions, in fact anything of an unconstructive nature, to situations you encounter in your life if you want to become a true healer. 

You may no longer judge or place blame when something happens to you or another person. You cannot focus on what you can no longer accomplish, even if it is as simple as preparing a meal or going to work until your physical body is healthy once again. And above all, you must not allow pity or self-doubt a foothold in any area of your life in need of healing. All of these actions must be avoided, for they could delay or occasionally even stop the process of healing altogether. 

You must understand that there is a reason for everything in your life as part of God's great divine plan, even if you cannot see it at the moment. It is no one's fault - it just is - but it is up to you, as a chela on the path, to handle each situation to the best of your ability, continuing always to learn and grow, knowing and allowing yourself to be the best you can be at any given time. You must have faith that everything will be all right, and know that when something is taken away, something else will come forth to replace it. 

Remember also that disappointment will only add to the condition, for this unconstructive quality always goes forth and joins with itself wherever it is found, increasing the difficulty. You must firmly anchor yourself deep within the flames of mercy and compassion, and work from that level. 

I know this may sound difficult or even impossible for you to do at this moment from this point in your current evolution where you now stand. However, as you contemplate different situations in need of healing within and around you, please give the Flame of Truth an opportunity to do its work in and through you, sharing with you its very essence. 

Beloved ones, please turn your attention now to one of your personal experiences, and as you think it over, once again ask yourself if you recall accepting or giving in to unconstructive qualities during the process of your healing? If so, make a note of this and also consider what you could have done differently, what you will do differently in the future! Please be aware that you have been given a great deal of information to digest and work with at this moment. Take time to become still, review these ideas often during this month and endeavor to shed additional light on what you have learned about yourself  up until now. Until then, be gentle with yourself and others for this is but one step on your path upward, toward the mountain of healing and attainment, beloved ones.



* * *


April 2014