Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

January 2014

 * * *  

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Within the sea of Universal Consciousness which extends from eternity to eternity the individual consciousness of all awakened Beings is fused as Divinity unites us in Oneness!



Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting


...the serene, quietude of the essence of the One Universal Consciousness! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * *


Fully understanding the truth and reality of this Divine Principle, with each and every breath I take I AM quiet… I AM serene… I AM at perfect peace…


There is a sea of One Universal Consciousness which has no center and no periphery, which extends from eternity to eternity and within which are merged the individual consciousness of all awakened Beings. This divinity enfolds us within itself. Within it is our Breath. It is our Being. It is our environment and it is our Cause, and yet each one of us, in some strange inexplicable way is the Heart Centre of that Sea of Consciousness, and to the aspiring soul who would attain serenity we can but say that it is awareness, and an awakening, and an unfoldment. 

In the tightly closed bud, the heart center of the flower knows naught of the worlds around it and finds the close confines of the enwrapped petals as the outer periphery of its world. But as the forces from within itself push forth in its progressive stages of growth, and as the forces from without play upon the unfolding flower, the heart center or consciousness of the bloom becomes aware of the great world around it, that always was, and which enfolds and surrounds it. 

So it is with humanity today who stands with clenched fist and tight-shut eyelids within the narrow periphery of their own world, which is the effect of the thoughts and feelings of their imaginings. When, however, the heart center of this Being begins to awaken and push forth the Divine Plan, coupled with the pressure of the Cosmic Moment from without, then gradually the narrowed eyelids are forced to open and the bands to relax, and so the Divine impulse of this Being causes them to unfold until we find our self a flowering bloom in the World of Light far beyond that of our own wild and inconceivable imagining. 

Those who tend the Garden of Life, see the possibilities in each tightly closed bud, and can, with happiness and peace go about the task of encouraging the unfoldment, both by love and cooperation of the accepted Forces of Nature provided in the 'incubator' or 'Cosmic Hot House’, which is established 'because the cycle ended', and the Altar of all Life demands that all blooms shall adorn the most high on the final cosmic day of Love. 

You might say, dear ones, that the chelas as a whole have made great strides in the unfolding of their petals. This tenacity of Spirit is being counted upon. As the Lotus unfolds you will see a tremendous whole where there are seemingly many component parts. Remember always that the Divine Plan as presented to your own inner sight which is constantly being developed is not to be interfered with by any outer minds. 

To carry the Lotus Blossom through a herd of stampeding elephants and arrive safely at the farthest end of the field, still carrying the blossom intact, is a simple matter as opposed to receiving a Divine Idea for Perfection and passing through the mass of human opinion and thought, and the general mass opposition to anything that is good, and arrive at the fulfillment of your design containing any semblance of divine order. 

Let me add that a great part of wisdom is the constant playing of the One Consciousness, like a searchlight, through the cloak of your aura, and the brightness about you is as much the sustaining power of the Divine as the unfoldment of each one's spirit.  

There is a way of remaining calm, having no part in any opposition and of having no recoil, remorse, or self-pity, but after the waves of emotions have settled, and the numerous oppositions have been brought forth, in the Heart of the Silence, and in perfect peace, then can one proceed to the fulfillment of their Divine design. 

You are always enfolded, dear ones... in Love, Light and Truth… 


Healing Truth 

I wish to tell you about the great release of Light that is permitted by the Beings of Karma when you, as individual chelas and Light workers, take the time and make the necessary effort to formulate petitions to be submitted. These petitions unfailingly reflect the connection of your hearts, minds and desires with the Forces of Light at your command! 

You will be encouraged to know that your petitions reflect your very own original insights and perceptions, indicating the presence of a deep and abiding love within you as well as your oneness with the Realms of Light.  

I wish to request that you call for the Divine Quality of Truth to be projected into all your efforts during the coming year… and forever! This has a tremendous effect of healing in all areas with which you may become involved, be it education, the environment, governments, family life, spirituality and so forth. Ulti­mately, unless truth is brought forth in all areas of planetary endeavor, no lasting healing may take place. 

Be alert, adding your energies to only the positive aspects of life, recognizing that the cause and core of all such underlying effects in the educational and governing institutions on the Earth must be brought to the Light of God for transmutation to take place! This is far more important than you may have yet realized. You will see more and more conditions being brought to Light, and I ask, with all the Love of your heart, that you do not knowingly or unknowingly enter into any negativity you may observe! 

To avoid this possibility, I ask that, as you work for the healing of these situations, you do so in the most positive ways possible! Do all that you can to assist in understanding and remembering this most important instruction, as you move into and through the times to come. 

Do not permit yourselves to become discouraged in any way due to an outer appearance. Remember to be positive in thought, word and deed, and faithful to the knowledge that Divine Will is Perfection for all life. Do not permit yourselves to be judgmental in any way! It is essential that you remain silent more often, rather than speaking out with human opinions and joining in discussions about the many issues that will come to your attention. 

My most beloved chelas of Light… your understanding is needed right now more than ever at this crucial point in the evolution of the Earth! Up to now, you have sometimes spoken out against the very issues you desire to see healed. Now you must learn to be silent, working inside your own consciousness to release all judgment of others, including situations and conditions. When you are critical, you give your power to the very conditions you wish to heal, because you give your attention to the activities of shadow and disorder. Align your forces and efforts with only Light, and Light alone! 

Only through a clear channel may healing flow! Only from a clean cup may a lifestream receive the Elixir of the Love of God that shall bring true healing! Only through the forgiveness and compassion of the Violet Fire may all life be brought to the Light. Hear oh beloved of my Heart! Truth is not easy, but it is the only absolute healing and purification for the souls of humankind, and you are the harbingers of Truth through which healing will flow! Be at peace, and work unceasingly to purify the vessels of your Hearts and minds! 

I ask that you strive to bring Divine Truth into your every activity during the coming year, realizing the Force of Love that it is. Accept the cloak of Truth about you now, and receive the Healing it brings, as you prepare yourselves to project it forth to all life on this planet Earth… for we are ONE in the Body of Light!



Group Petition Decree for 2014

From the heart of the One Universal Presence I AM in me and in all humanity, I invoke the Cosmic Holy Spirit, to assist all humanity in maintaining a constant feeling and expression of grace and love.


I pledge to let go of all outer expression and open myself as a chalice to be filled with only Divine Grace. I permit my outer self to be silent and in this state of listening grace, I perceive the divine plan taking form even as I speak. I acknowledge the Divine Presence in all life and I invoke the gift of grace to saturate the consciousness of all humanity, lifting us ever higher until we are ONE with the Universal Consciousness. By Divine Grace we descended to this Earth; in the state of grace we pledge ourselves to remain until the divine plan is manifest; and through this grace we will ascend back into the heart of Oneness.


I AM the flame of Holy Spirit in action… I AM the sacred fire breath of God… ...charged through me, loving life free.


As a disciple of Holy Spirit, I will to set right the vibratory action of all energy and substance in my world and in the entire universe. As a disciple of Holy Spirit I AM the sacred hand of the Divine, moving through this world, instantly re-establishing divinity wherever this Sacred Fire is applied. I invite, invoke, focus, concentrate, manifest and sustain this sacred flame. I AM a director of this flame and I AM humble before its magnificent presence, grateful to unleash its power of Love and Light on our planet Earth…         (pause)


I AM the hand of God, charging the electronic substance in, through and around Planet Earth with Violet Transmuting Flames


In oneness of consciousness I AM the cause of this blessing of Holy Spirit; I AM the bridge over which it flows; and I AM its final effects of divinity re-established, the divine plan manifest in the world of form.


I Am the Holy Spirit in action…

So Be It, Beloved I AM that I AM! 



The meaning of the gathering of chelas at a conference holds a special significance to each one who attends. You have been advised that a group so gathered creates a unified chalice, to receive the instructions and blessings of the Ascended Masters and other Cosmic Beings who wish to communicate. This provides for each chela the opportunity of entering the silence with a group and the creating of one heart, one mind, one body, and one unified consciousness. Into that chalice of consciousness, so much Light is poured to heal the Earth, and to awaken and enlighten your brothers and sisters in the human family. As the release of information and instructions is received and absorbed by each individual this allows for a great impetus of spiritual growth. That expansion is then carried to all those in each one's personal sphere of influence. 

Conferences provide for the group that which is encouraged for you to develop as individuals; that is, the ability to enter the silence of your own heart flames. There, listening in the silence, you shall receive the expressions and instructions of your own Holy Christ Self. It is a beautiful experience that deepens with use. Like any friendship, your relationship with your I AM Presence and the Inner Christ is nourished in these times of communion. 

For each one of you who serves with us, there is a Bridge of Light built into the Higher Realms from your very Being. There is a Bridge of Light built between you and all others who serve as you do. There is a Bridge of Light to Shamballa, and from there to every other retreat of the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings who serve the Earth. It is a tremendous effort far more significant that you can imagine! 

I speak directly to your heart, each one who reads this, when I say to you; you are a Chalice of Light, a sacred vessel through which all the blessings of God may be poured and anchored, not only into your life, but into the lives of all humankind, all elemental life, and the entire planet. When you meditate, realize yourself as a Chalice of Light. Feel the energy of Love, Wisdom and Power that is poured into your heart, as you hold your chalice up to the Light of your Divine-Self. Feel the sacred Threefold Flame pulsate within your heart, grateful for your recognition of its Presence and reality! 

When you can, take the opportunity to gather with others, and combine your energies with theirs to expand the Light of the One Universal Consciousness. When possible join in assembly with your fellow chelas. Right now, as your attention is upon the ties of Light between you and all other chelas this connection is strengthened. This is very significant, for the bridges must be resilient, and the builders worthy. Sustained through our combined support and love, there will be a stronger span over which Divine blessings may flow to the Earth. 

Discern always that the Love and Light of the One Universal Consciousness surrounds and fills you.  Receive this blessing and feel this Love, as you seek to serve and honor all sentient life.




Thoughtform for 2014


From deep within the great sea of One Universal Consciousness where the individual consciousness of all awakened beings merge, resplendent sentinels of magnificent Light now arise, silently and lovingly enfolding all life on planet Earth in the pure and perfect divine essence of the Immaculate Concept.



Theme for 2014


I AM your Breath… I AM your Being…

I AM your Cause…


I AM the One Universal Consciousness extending from eternity to eternity…


I AM Divinity enfolding all life in this awareness, this awakening and this unfoldment…


I AM that I AM!






February 2014