Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

June 2014

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Consciously recognizing the Divine Truth that I AM the Oneness of the One Universal Consciousness I sense the very Essence of my inner Being rise in vibration… for I AM Love… I AM Truth… I AM the Way… 


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the Essence of I Am Loving Oneness! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * * 

One Truth 

There is but one truth, but many, many reflections, and I ask you now to earnestly endeavor to pass away from the veneration of the reflected beam and draw nearer, ever nearer, and still nearer to the majesty of the all pervading and changeless one. One truth changes not. It is the one stationary force. The one truth is… I AM! All else is a reflection. Within the one truth all knowledge is fixed. Seek this knowledge and all that is changeless and undying will be found, and victory will be yours. The Truth which changes is of the world of illusion. Only that which is changeless is real! That which changes not, abides at the center of your being - the one truth - the eternal Flame of Truth - I AM!

The simple truth - I AM that I AM!




Seven Temples of Initiation Meditation ~ Part II 

With ever-dwindling numbers we enter the Fifth Temple under the direction of the great Master Hilarion, and are invited to the beautiful Festival of Consecration, where we will celebrate our progress. It is the time to dedicate each Priest and Priestess in training who have reached this point in their evolution, to the Flame… the Sacred Fires of creation. Up to this time, we had not been permitted to tend the Flame or to officiate at the altar; we were nothing more than members of the congregation, the supplicants and the neophytes with shaved heads, linen garments, bare feet and hopeful hearts...  

Do you remember beloved ones, that moment when you chose to become more actively involved in your pursuits of the spirit? You spent a great deal of time looking for an avenue to be of greater service to life, which you somehow knew deep within, is what you now need to take you any further along your path.  

Consciously or not, this was the time when you were finally ready and able to connect fully and somehow you found your way to The Bridge, perhaps even deciding to ask for further training.  

Upon entering this Temple, one must have passed through the initiation of uniting completely with their Holy Christ Self. In humility, selflessness and service you were then ready to have the garments of consecration, the vestments of light, placed upon you - the golden sandals on your feet; the silken garments upon your bodies. Then and only then, the great Hilarion, the Archangel Raphael or another member of their Court, performed the actual service of consecration.  

The holy light is divinely consecrated before it enters your body. Your emotional body is then consecrated and made visible to the entire assembly, next, your etheric and mental bodies are consecrated. It is after your lower bodies are so blessed, that every one of your senses is consecrated by not only the presiding Priest, but Serapis Bey as well. It is a magnificent ceremony, and it shall one day be woven into your sacred ceremonies before any lifestream goes forth in more than ordinary service. 

There is then given the consecration of the hands through which constantly flow the Flames of Healing; the consecration of the feet which become the anchorage of the Sacred Fire wherever the body moves; the consecration of the lips to speak the sacred words which invoke and command the manifestation of precipitation and healing; the consecration of the energies through the eyes to enable the student to see only perfection and to call it forth...  

 I believe we all recognize the explanation of this sacred service of consecration, for we often integrate it into our services. Think about the Children’s Consecration, the Consecration of Marriage and sometimes even during the Director’s Training Program. Many have experienced this mystic union and if you have not, perhaps one day soon, you will! 

Next, the newly consecrated Priests and Priestesses, magnificent in their robes, each one representing the ray which is the natural activity of their lifestream, are assigned to various aspects of ceremonial worship. Here they serve for shorter or longer periods of time… some going no further than this initiation.  

Many remain here during an entire embodiment because, again, when an individual comes to the Sixth Temple, the initiation in selflessness and service is such that many do not choose to incorporate their energies into a mission that might not be successful and they loose the accumulated good which brought them to the temple of peace and worship...   

How many of us have experienced this in our lives? Everyone has those truly wonderful and gifted people who we love, who give up just before their goal is reached. As we are coming to learn, these are especially challenging times for great patience, time for unwavering faith and time for understanding, great compassion and love for those who are unable to move forward with us from this point. They truly are those who need our support even if it can only come from inner levels at this time.

In the Sixth Temple, everyone becomes ministering mendicants. In other words it is a time when everyone must leave the Temple to test their Light, and all they have learned, in the outer world of form. The beautiful vestments are removed from our shoulders and folded away; also the silken garments, the magnificent headdresses; the brilliant jewels of light, our scepter of power… all are removed.  

Clothed once again in simple attire, courageously we being working fully within the devotional ray, going forth into the world of form with no credentials and a vow of silence...  

There is no way to make even the spiritually alert aware of our qualifications except by the expansion of our own light which, through the blink of an eye, a simple gesture, our radiation and the expansion of our auras, renders the service required. By your actions, hopefully you will encourage the Ascension into the Light of those you come in contact with.  

Here, beloved ones more often than not, I have lost you here. Many times you went forth ‘to set the world on fire’. Many times I saw your receding backs as you walked down the steps, out the door, and the sands of the desert (the outer world) claimed you and only too soon, your senses...  I know, this is all part of life’s evolution, and we are not allowed, by cosmic law to feel any pain or sorrow, but we can and do feel added happiness when you return and eventually, everyone does! 

This temple is probably the one that students fear the most, for it is this temple that represents the maximum change. Over time chelas of the Ascended Masters often become too comfortable in their knowledge and experiences. Too many become accustomed to their role in this Activity and feel they are perceived by others in a certain way and do not want to give this up. 

Do you not see beloved ones, all of the items you are asked to let go of in this temple are nothing more than the needs of your lower self - human thoughts, ideas and feelings that have become embedded in your consciousness over many centuries. In actuality, they have very little to do with the spiritual being of great Light you truly are. You must stop giving power to these things! You must realize and accept where your power actually comes from before you can permanently move forward on your path toward full enlightenment...  

At some point in time, you return bringing with you the sheaves of all your service in the outer world of form, and you are then ready to enter the Seventh Great Temple, and within the action of the sacred Violet Fire, every atom and cell of your being is accelerated. Eventually your every action, thought, word and deed becomes a ceremony of externalizing God’s Will. Each of you become a window into heaven, through which God’s Life and Light flows, without impure qualification of any kind, desiring only to expand the borders of our Mother/Father God’s Kingdom.  

Each of you becomes like a mystic fountain of sacred fire and one with all life. It is within this sacred space that you shall remain until the close of your Earth span and the Ascension from my own arms and heart is assured. Breathe in beloved ones... and gently breathe out...  

Your life today in the world of form subjects you to many of the same initiations as I have described; and you can measure yourselves, your successes and your failures without the prompting of a Guru, knowing within the love and honesty of your heart wherein you are already master. In this way, each student becomes their own teacher and passes through the Ascension Flame into divine perfection as a great Priest or Priestess of Ceremony. It is then, at the close of your Earth Life, that you shall have your freedom!  

Beloved ones, having just taken this wonderful journey with the great Guardian of the Ascension Flame, have you come to realize that spiritual unfoldment is not something that will happen someday, all of a sudden when you have been fully prepared? It is an ongoing process and it is taking place right here and right now and if you will but open your eyes, you will find this experience helpful in your daily living. Every aspect of your life is a sacred ceremony and part of a much greater initiation. Do not be afraid to go forth my beloved sisters and brothers, for we have been given so many wonderful tools with which to walk this world in mastery. 

When I become a little confused as to why something is taking place in my life or in the lives of others, I consider the activities that take place within the Seven Temples of Initiation and I begin to understand and choose to turn my confusion into a learning experience. I ask you to take some time during the next month to think about your personal life, your interactions with others, within the governments in countries all around this magnificent world. As you do I believe you will receive enlightenment?  

Before closing please remain centered within this sacred space and receive the following words, this time from our beloved brother, Saint Germain:  “Hail! Thou children of the Seventh Ray. Into thy keeping have I now placed the Age of Ceremony embodied on this planet. As a High Priest in the Order of Zadkiel, I do now invest you with the opportunity of the ages, to reveal the Divine Powers of Transformation available to the human race through the gift of invocation.  

Now is the moment to reveal to all people all that has been hidden in secret rites through ages past; the countless qualities and perfected energy that but awaits an open door into the world of form through men and women trained for this work in the etheric temples of Lord Zadkiel. And it is you, dear chelas - my beloved sisters and brothers - who are some of these committed men and women who asked God to manifest this inner training in the world of form... Welcome home, dear spirits of love and light, into the great service of Ceremonial Life, which will ultimately reveal to all the true purpose of taking embodiment at this time. (pause)   

SIGN OF THE HEART: May the love of God remain always in your heart; HEAD: May the wisdom of God constantly expand your mind, HAND: And may the Light of God forever fill your soul.

So be it, beloved I AM that I AM.

(Part I - May 2014)


Tao ~ The Way 

“It is the mother of the Universe. I do not know its name so I call it Tao.”

“The Tao that can be spoken of is not the Tao.”

“Those who know don’t say, those who say don’t know.” 

One element of the Tao that is very meaningful is of flowing with the power and order of nature. The Tao, the path, flows effortlessly and generously when we allow ourselves to join with that instinctive flow. We can live our lives with more grace and openness rather than with struggle. Through the practice of wu wei, which is the simultaneous practice of absolute action and absolute relaxation at the same time, we can become like the free flowing water with flows through and around and over all obstacles. Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as water. Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible… nothing can surpass it. The soft overcomes the hard; the gentle overcomes the rigid. 

Humans can practice these two seemingly contradictory qualities of wu wei if they permit the power and freedom of the natural flow of the universe to run through them, and gain peaceful calm and limitless power at the same time. 

One needs to feel and live it rather than trying to study or explain it. This practice becomes like trying to describe a dance in words rather than experiencing the movements; it just loses something in the rendition. This is best explained by the Tao Te Ching:  “Fully embrace your life and you will share in the glory of creation. The Mother herself will be your guardian, and all her creation will be your guide.”



Eternal Flame of Truth 

Beloved seekers after the Truth Eternal, I come to you on the wings of comfort and enfold you in Divine Love.  

You will never really understand the Eternal Flame of Truth until you have firsthand experience of any given situation. In order for you to live a truly spiritual life, then you must experience clearing away every error, every desire, every prejudice, and every habit which stands in your path. Only when you have cleared away this debris will the Light within you guide your way home. I AM the Way… I AM the Truth… and I AM the Life. 

The acceptance of Truth very often involves the need for you to sacrifice old ideas. Perhaps you also need to sacrifice some cherished prejudices. Accepting the Truth usually compels the seeker and the finder to make fresh mental adjustments and that is not easy. Although the Truth is Simple… that does not mean it is Easy. I counsel you therefore, that you do not take the Truth and twist it into agreement with old knowledge. Do not allow old concepts and old prejudices to close the Gate of Truth. Let go of outworn ideas and Dream a New Dream!  

Be reminded once again of the principal truth which will raise the very vibration of your inner Being into loving unity with the Holy Spirit within… if you could only truly understand the implications. Your Soul is Immortal! This profound Truth needs to be fully understood by each and every one of you. You are immortal! From the human level of consciousness it is beyond comprehension to imagine the eternal splendor of that which awaits you in the future as you mature in beauty and loving unity with the One Divine Universal Consciousness… the Essence of the Great I AM… as you evolve into the Divine Essence of Oneness. 

Let your soul be open to the beauty of the world that you may breathe in Love… breathe out Love… and become Love itself in action radiating only Love at all times. Pilgrims on the pathway home I beckon you ever onward and upward toward the Truth that is eternal… you are immortal and Love is all there is! 

Remember that the Holy Spirit is the Essence of perfect Love, perfect Wisdom and perfect Power whereby we can express perfect Truth. The Truth is very simple… Love is all there is! 

The Holy Spirit is creative… is Divine… and is the Spirit of Love. It is the powerful and wonderful and mysterious way in which the great I AM is able to manifest in this world of form.  

Kindle the Flame of Eternal Truth on the altar of your heart and enfold yourself within the Love of the Holy Spirit… the Spirit of Truth.




July 2014