Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

August 2015

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


As a Silent Watcher I am filled with Divine Grace and constantly and continuously rest within the Great Silence of the One Universal Consciousness.


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the Essence of Divine Love, Cosmic Light and Infinite Grace. (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.  

* * *

Listening Grace 

Beloved ones; there are many Divine blessings available to humanity which they could have and enjoy if they knew of them; as well as Ascended Master and Angelic friends who can and will release those blessings into our experience at our conscious call. I know, because in the activities of Ministration, we work with the Silent Watchers who abide over every city, state, nation, continent and the Planet itself. Of course, these Divine Beings are ever cognizant of the needs of the life evolving within the scope of their watchful care. 

One of the very simple ways by which humanity could open their worlds to the greater blessings of and from the One Universal Consciousness to them would be by cultivating, using and expanding the feeling of sincere gratitude for blessings which they are already enjoying. Humankind's conversations with the Divine (their prayers) usually consist of "Dear God. Why has this happened to me? - I need help here", etc. Most of their prayers are cries of pain and distress, for there are very few honest and earnest prayers of thanksgiving for the constantly flowing fundamental gift of Life, as well as the benefits thereof. 

The cultivation of Grace is a very wonderful pursuit. Grace always begins to manifest as a feeling of thanksgiving. You know that it was said of Holy Mary, that she was always 'full of grace'. In your case and in the case of all those who represent the Spiritual Hierarchy, I do ask that you all, individually and collectively, begin to endeavor to really enjoy invoking the Spirit of Grace. 

Try to be grateful for something every moment of the day. Try to find perhaps just one small thing in every life you contact for which to be grateful, also in every activity of the day in which you engage. Doing this, gradually you will come into a State of Grace which, by the way, is not a state of mind, but a pervasive feeling. 

Throughout the centuries which have been, there have been courtiers and various individuals occupying diplomatic posts, representing various nations. These individuals go through all the motions of Grace but, behind their actions is so often the motive of self-preservation or self-aggrandizement. Therefore, those individuals are not the 'diplomats without guile' of which are often spoken. So you may say 'thank you' a thousand times in many ways; you may open the door for another and say 'God bless you' - but, if the motivating feeling within you for doing the act is not that of genuine love and gratitude to life for the existence of the other lifestream and their endeavors to promote and expand the activities of the Divine upon this Earth, then all your words of simulated Grace are as nothing. 

However, when the feeling of Grace is released from within the heart, it really makes the hand-shake, the blessing, the benediction or even the small favor, a gift from the Divine and the receiver feels that. You cannot deceive the feeling world of another individual unless he or she is under the influence of that humanly created entity of flattery.  

On the other hand, if the individual is honest, earnest and sincere, and has been shorn of the capacity to allow flattery to swerve them from their purpose, the lifestream releasing the feelings of Grace does reach the heart of the other, there finding an anchorage in the world of the one who seeks love, comfort and encouragement along Life's Way. Thus the blessing one is able to give this benediction. 

Constantly sustained feelings of Grace create a beautiful world in which to live. When you come together in your group activities for an hour or so you are in the Higher Radiation and therefore, in a State of Grace, at least as long as the meditation focus and the visualizations are held. 

However, almost as soon as the Radiation ceases to directly pour, you often go back into the vibratory action of your accustomed consciousness, that which was familiar to you before. Because of this, you may lose much of that radiation of sustained Harmony which you so greatly need and which the Divine is so desirous of anchoring in, through and around you. Through that Harmony, each one is able and willing to be a conductor of all the Virtues of the Divine to humankind". 

If you think on and about any of the Divine Beings, you will notice that wonderful Grace in their aura. They only come when they are invited; they leave when you are finished with their services, and they are at hand again when you make a conscious call for their assistance. These are the selfless Ones who give all they are and have, asking nothing in return, but fervently hoping that their endeavors will bear some fruit of expanding perfection in this world of form.

Now, that is what you aspire to. "Keep on keeping on" with these aspirations until each and every one of you is so filled with sustained Grace that you are really the Divine.  

Sometimes the tensions and pressures of the human serving in this appearance world, even in Divine Service, are such that one wearies a little of the sameness of activity. Sometimes you even weary a little in well-doing. However, I venture to say that, were any of you in this room temporarily to be freed completely from the physical appearance world for forty-eight hours and then were asked if you would care to come back and finish your task, you would most joyously do so.  

Often, when serving begins to pall upon an individual, it is just a good rest and 'change of scenery' that is necessary to allow the outer self to regain its balance of energy and, in reconsecration by the Holy Spirit, return to this service with renewed enthusiasm. 

Remember... you have a personal Ministering Angel who has been with you for centuries. By your call to this Ministering Angel they will daily anoint all your four lower vehicles with this substance and feelings of Divine Love, Light and Grace... thus helping you to hold sustained peace, regardless of any human appearances or aggravations. Give your undivided attention for just a few moments each day to these Higher Realms and during that time consciously accept into your feelings the help they wishes to bestow upon you.




The Gift of Life

As individuals pass from a state of unawareness of the beauty and majesty of life, they gradually become cognizant of the tremendous privilege it is to be the recipients of the countless millions of electrons that are directed through the avenue of their own lifestreams on the journey of the Universal Life Substance from the Fourth Dimension into the world of form. 

The outer self has to still itself repeatedly during the process when the personality first becomes aware of the tremendous responsibility that comes with the dispensation of Light through the lifestream, because the outer self has for so many centuries used life so freely and accepted it as so much a part of the personal property of the soul that it takes quite a time for the aspirant and chela to re-orient their mind and feeling world. When this is accomplished they may receive each electron that is passing into their keeping for safe convoy into the Universe around them with the same reverence, humility and respect accorded to the Sacred Host of the Divine. 

The humanity of Earth is in a constant state of communion and should be in a constant state of grace, because every electron passing through them contains the Body, the Spirit and the Consciousness of the Divine of all Life from whence it flowed. As these countless millions of electrons course through the lifestream during the course of one day, we see that a mystical experience is constantly taking place wherein the Spiritual Essence of the One Universal Consciousness actually communes with the chelas, not only at short intervals, but constantly, so long as the identity remains. 

In studying the lives of the great and holy ones who have passed through the Earth sphere on their journey toward Perfection, one will find a gentle humility and an inner joy characteristic in all of them, because each one, reaching a certain point of spiritual evolution, began to regard the Gift of Life as a very Sacred Trust and an exquisite experience. The Light flowing through them was allowed its natural expression both within their own character and in the lives of those blessed by the presence of the sanctified one. 

Beloved Ones it has been conveyed many times that the natural activity of Life is Beauty, Abundance, Happiness and Perfection without limit, and as soon as the personal self can disconnect itself in consciousness from the idea that Life can be taken lightly or thoughtlessly, then such an one comes to the threshold of a new experience and they are no longer the dominant figure but the 'silent witness' to the constant outpouring of the qualities, manifestations, and the beauty that Life will carry through them and into the Universe beyond. 

When individuals come to a place where they will no longer seize Life at an unguarded moment and force it into an unhappy expression, they will then be open to a greater outpouring of the electronic force from their own I AM Presence, the Cosmic Beings, the Angelic Host and the Ascended Hierarchy. 

To energize an undisciplined lifestream beyond a certain point would merely be sending more of the Spirit of the Divine into the keeping of a human authority which would transform this pure Essence into imperfection. In order to release the greater powers that lie within your own Causal Bodies, and in order to form a constant conscious connection with the Members of the Spiritual Hierarchy, it is necessary to make the constant call for the purification of the personal self to a point where misqualification of energy can never again take place. Those lifestreams who have achieved that sense of humble, gentle submission to Divine Will are rare indeed, but they do become the outposts of the Cosmic Powers of which the outer world has no concept. 

There are millions of Cosmic Beings who have never come to the attention of the outer world, and who have as yet no conscious link with unascended beings. Those who would choose to offer their lifestreams to these Perfected Ones would render tremendous service. To do so, one should invoke their own Holy Christ Self to so equalize and temper their four lower vehicles that even under the greatest provocation they would allow these Cosmic Beings to give as much energy as they choose to enrich the Earth sphere. It is not necessary to know the name of any of these Beings, but impersonally allow them to release their Love, Light and Gifts to the evolving humanity upon this plane. 

It is imperative that the lifestream so choosing to engage in this assistance to the Earth and her evolutions be disciplined to the point where their lower vehicles are controlled, so that, were a Cosmic Being to choose a lifestream as a radiating center of their energy, and a sudden surprise or human appearance of any kind would allow the unascended being to requalify tons of that energy in an instant, untold damage would result. Whereas if it had not been released by the Master, the lifestream in question would not have so much to qualify of his own natural allotment. 

We are constantly seeking selfless lifestreams who love Harmony, and are willing to sacrifice the defense of self for the maintenance of a harmonious set of vehicles through which our outpouring may continue to expand for the blessing of all Life. 






September 2015