In every kingdom, the capacity to assimilate the already provided wealth of nourishment is determined by the individual consciousness. The development and perfection of the individual being is based on his own power of assimilation of the God gifts provided. For instance, two tulip bulbs planted side by side have equal access to the nourishment of the Earth, the moisture of the water element, the stimulation of the air, and the fecundating powers of the Sun. One will magnetize, assimilate and make its own all these forces and become a magnificent bloom. The other may lie dormant and not fulfill its Divine Plan through the "free will elective." It is likewise true of angel, man and beast. The process of evolution is determined by the desire for and capacity to utilize the ALREADY PROVIDED SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT which forms the atmosphere of the soul. 


Certain specific cycles of time allow us opportunities to focus into the atmosphere in which our chelas abide, additional spiritual stimuli which we can only HOPE will be absorbed by their consciousness through free will acceptance and assimilation. For instance, at present we are able to open the door to the Ascended Masters' Octave and to allow the Cosmic Beings and Ascended Masters to present their own instructions in comprehensible form to the chelas. How long this cycle will last only the great First Cause knows. As the cycle of springtime offers particular stimulating currents to the growth of nature, so do those of us engaged in developing a race of Perfected Beings, seize upon any beneficent spiritual tides which can bring us closer to those through whom we must endeavor to reach the plodding consciousness of the race. 


Each individual determines, consciously or unconsciously, according to his spiritual development, how much of the spiritual blessings he will draw into his own soul. The lethargic will not make the necessary effort to magnetize the currents of a spiritual hour. Thus, in the Ministry of Jesus, millions lived on, absorbing little or nothing of his Presence, and only the few alert enough to grasp that hour rose on the impetus of the Christ Power into their own Ascended Master Presence. 


We can provide ail of the knowledge, the inspiration, the methods of application required to make a man God-free. However, in the final analysis, what each soul does with that proffered assistance (in the privacy of his own heart) will determine the progress of that soul toward mastery and freedom. 


Nature is constantly endeavoring to remind the consciousness of man regarding the necessity of spiritual alertness and sustained enthusiasm. There are the two activities manifest in all life, centrifugal and centripetal force. Each manifest intelligence, from an inanimate object, an elemental expression in the nature kingdom, to the soul of man, wields these two powers to a greater or lesser degree. The durability of a piece of furniture is determined by the magnetic power drawn by its creator and focused into its building and finishing. If it is put together lovingly, graciously and with symmetry of thought and harmony of feeling it will long outlive a piece of furniture created specifically as a commodity of sale with the motive power behind its creation being that of securing money. If man, drawing toward himself through the magnetic power centered in his heart, receives knowledge, wise is he then to reverently, graciously, rhythmically and enthusiastically build from that knowledge a more perfect nature in himself and then an impersonal blessing to his fellowman. 


Good health, physically speaking, depends upon the body's capacity to assimilate the nourishment provided through food, sunshine, air, etc. There are many individuals who are "exposed" to all of the natural gifts of nature but who live with impaired physical vehicles because of the incapacity to assimilate the gifts of nature provided for sustenance of the flesh form. This is likewise true of the inner bodies which mankind for the most part ignore. If the soul cannot assimilate the spiritual blessings which fill the atmosphere, which are brought by the Presence of the Masters and the Angelic Hosts, that soul is "sick" and requires the same assistance that a physically impaired vehicle requires to allow the gifts of the Spirit of Truth to enter into, nourish and develop the God nature. Where students are often sympathetic with those experiencing physical incapacities, there is so often extreme intolerance with regard to the limited capacities of other lifestreams to recognize, assimilate and accept what (to the chelas) are self-evident truths. Conscious chelas must realize that it is the healing of the souls of men which is their particular service in this present hour. When the soul is opened through grace, kindliness, prayer, invocation and application to the reception of Truth, there will be no argument nor barrier of bigotry in the ones you desire to help. You cannot drive a soul toward God but you can lead it. 


Let us liken the souls of two men to a small child and a grown man. The wise man will not expect the small child to assimilate as much from the teacher as the mature man. Yet, students so often expect all souls to be in the same state of spiritual growth and equally capable of assimilation of spiritual truths. If you could look upon a congregation from the inner spheres, you would see the difference in the size of the upraised consciousness its vibratory action, its color, all of which determine how much such a one can possibly assimilate from the service. 

Wise is the teacher who invokes the Presence of the I Am within the heart of the very least of his students to help the soul assimilate all that it is capable of accepting and then asks that the soul utilize that nourishment to its own development and the blessings of the race. This develops a kindness, a tolerance, a loving understanding between the teacher and the aspirants. Overly zealous teachers expect more of some souls than they can possibly give forth. Working impersonally with the Presence of God who knows the capacities of each soul, the teacher is relieved of the sense of personal responsibility and strain and the aspirants are nourished by the loving understanding of the teacher to whom they look as the open door to the Kingdom toward which their hearts aspire. 


Students must learn to make the truths they hear and read their own. As the shell of destructive living through the centuries imbeds the mental and feeling worlds of the average man, so much of the Masters' instruction is deflected by even the most earnest consciousness. With the same care, precision and wisdom that the wise farmer plants his crops in the springtime knowing that his life and well being will be determined by their harvest in the autumn, so should the student plant within the consciousness the Words of the Master, nourish them, pluck out the weeds of irrelevancies, and bring to harvest in his own world the Master's Consciousness. This admonition cannot be given too often for the outer self is inclined to "gloss over" instruction which it has heard before in favor of the unknown. Instruction from the Master is not repeated if it has been assimilated the first time. When repetition occurs, the wise chela stops and knows that he is being "fed again" because he has not assimilated the nourishment offered him previously. Impatience and the desire to "plumb the heights of the heavens and the depths of the sea," rather than the development of the Christ nature in self, have taken many a chela off the path during a period of particularly auspicious spiritual currents. Remember, the Master knows your every requirement and before your soul has called he will have answered with exactly what you require at that given moment!







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