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The visitation of the Holy Spirit which is celebrated in the feast of Pentecost (Whitsuntide) resulted in the firing of the souls of certain men to a point where, at will, their consciousness could perform seeming miracles of resurrection, redemption and spiritual resuscitation. What was the individual preparation which made such a visitation possible and the acceptance of the gifts of the Holy Spirit by those simple men manifest in their works? A humble heart, a contrite spirit, a complete surrender to the Will of God! 


The soul of man is evolved through the centuries as a result of personal experience. Consciousness, experimenting with the use of energy, sets up causes in the thought and feeling centers. Manifest on the screen of life, these causes create certain effects. The effects in turn press back upon their individual creator and his reaction to them makes the caliber of the soul. Within the soul dwells a spark of the Holy Spirit Which gives life, intelligence and individual consciousness to every man. The impressions which have made up the soul-life through the ages have encased the spiritual Self in a tomb of rebellions, resentments, fears, doubts and the various ramifications of imperfection. The Spirit slumbers until the soul, unhappy with its satiation of the senses, begins searching again for the way back Home. Then comes the opportunity for the rebirth of Spirit through self, the personal, individual Whitsuntide. 


The Holy Spirit, a Universal Comforting Presence, embodied in our Lord the Maha Chohan, (so far as this Earth's evolution is concerned), is as gentle as the dove, as silent as the sunrise, as gracious as the Godhead itself of whom it is representative. Not in loud exhortations and physical mortification is it drawn into the heart of man! No! rather by the opening of the doors and windows of the soul in gentle love, in humility, in self surrender, does the Spiritual Messenger of Peace light gracefully upon the ever widening portals of the soul's chamber and abide therein. 


No man need affirm that he is a disciple of the Holy Spirit. His kindly eyes, his gentle smile, his helping hand, his embodied virtue speak for him. Within the individual who truly loves his neighbor as himself, there stirs the renewal of the Spirit of the Most High. The sweet perfume and essence of divinity pouring forth from such a one brings peace, hope, faith, grace, healing and spiritual illumination. Even if such a disciple should speak not a word in the course of an entire lifetime, the Spirit of God through him could do more than a thousand zealots whose souls are still locked against the Gentle Presence. 


At Luxor, our endeavor is to reunite the soul of man with his Spiritual Source, from whence he has become temporarily disconnected in consciousness. All experiences in this world or the "hereafter" are in truth experiences in consciousness. Separation from God and union with God are not a matter of bodily contact but of realization which is an activity of consciousness. When the student understands this, he takes the accumulated consciousness of the ages (called the soul) and purifies it to a point where the effulgent light of the Spirit may again shine through the outer self. Thus, the mystery (so called) of sublimation, transfiguration and spiritual resurrection takes place. 


Every manifest expression on every plane is comprised of vibrating energy (God life). Control of the rate of vibration consciously is mastery. Control by the vibrations unconsciously exuding from oneself or another is imprisonment. Religion and science will one day meet when this truth is accepted by the leading minds in both fields of endeavor. With regard to the celebration of Whitsuntide, I would like to point out that the vibratory action of the soul is determined by the thoughts and feelings of the outer self not only in the sweet hour of prayer but throughout the entire day. When these vibrations are inharmonious, depressed, impure or generally imperfect, the vibratory action of the soul is slow, dense and non-receptive to the finer, higher, cleaner vibrations of the Spirit. In other words, there is no vehicle of reception for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. In your modern world, if there is no radio nor television apparatus to "step-down" the vibratory action of the programs that fill the room, the individuals do not receive nor enjoy them. If the soul is "short-circuited" by the imperfect vibrations set up in consciousness (thought and feeling), the gifts and blessings of the Holy Spirit flow around such a one until they find an open door of receptive vibrations which magnetize them by similarity of quality - peace, healing, purity, illumination, faith. The simple men who sought the Holy Comforter entered the Upper Chamber (by raising the vibratory action of their souls) and, according to that conscious endeavor, were they visited by The Presence. 


The reliance of man upon form through the centuries has resulted so often in disappointment, disillusionment and, generally, in the retarding of self endeavor. It was for this reason that even I found it necessary to remove my outer form from the attention of the disciples, to give the stimulus and impetus so that the individual soul might make conscious, personal effort to create the conditions whereby each one might find for himself the Presence of God within. My achievement, although an example, would not result in the development of mastery in another unless that one followed my own application and raised himself to attunement with the Father himself! Thus, did I make the sacrifice, promising the coming of the Comforter. Believing in my Words, the disciples did make the personal effort to raise their own soul's light. Finally, collectively they were ready for the wonderful, mystic union "the second birth." The Holy Spirit entered into their souls, filling them with the sense of power, of achievement, of faith, all of which are the nature of God. Then they knew from personal experience how I felt and in that knowing were they able to transcend human laws and perform so-called miracles. So, shall it be for everyman who desires a personal Whitsuntide and who will make conscious effort to prepare for the coming of that Comforter who is the Master Presence of God awaiting summons to kindle the spark of Immortality in every human heart. 


Truly every man is a part of God. There could be no individuality without that Presence which is life, intelligence and spiritual strength Itself. It is self-evident, however, that not all men are equally partaking of their Divine heritage. Not all men are equally manifesting the gifts, powers and nature of God. It is to develop and mature the God-nature through the individual that we devote our lives and talents. The supreme effort upon the part of man to prepare his soul for the Presence of the Holy Comforter is his part of the endeavor. Then, like the parable of the prodigal son, the rushing Comforting Presence finds a bridge of harmoniously qualified energy in such a man and joins the spark of immortality slumbering within him. Then God and man are one - the miracle of Whitsuntide!








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