Summer Conference

Beloved Pallas Athena

Shamballa : Long Island

July 9, 1974

Awaken, children of Earth, hear my Call as it goes directly to your hearts. Accept the Spirit of Truth which "I AM" and be thou Free. Too long have the chelas under our guidance been tarrying in the lower consciousness, so I have come to loosen the shackles which bind you.

IF you will graciously permit me, Beloved Hilarion and our Legions of Truth have accompanied me, and they are in the atmosphere over this Sacred Focus. I wish you now to feel, deeply, the words which you have often affirmed "Truth is so precious to me." This very hour you have the opportunity to prove through your feeling world that which you have mentally accepted.

Man, through the ages, has been searching for Truth. You stand this moment in the presence of Truth. Will you ACCEPT the Gift which I bring?

Let us engage in a visualization which I trust will assist you. See the mighty Hilarion standing directly over this Sanctuary, surrounded by countless Angels of the Fifth Ray. They are all attired in white garments, with the Insignia of our Retreat - the Lamp of Truth emblazoned in green directly over their Hearts. See that glorious Exponent of Truth, Beloved Hilarion, holding a replica of the Lamp of Truth in which blazes the Essence of that Virtue.

Hold that picture for a moment please, and feel the Light of Truth from that Lamp coming into this Sanctuary and entering your hearts. Its color is a strong clear shade of green. Then feel this Essence course through every cell and atom of your beings as it travels along the arteries and veins (just as the physical substance of blood is pumped by your hearts through your physical vehicles). However, this Sacred Essence will expand ts Light through all of your lower garments.

As you accept this purifying process, you can surrender to the Christ Self and know that your True Being holds the Lamp of Truth at all times. As I use the metaphor of the Lamp of Truth, I do so because this Symbol has been accepted through the ages as denoting Truth of Spiritual Expression. According to the development of humanity’s consciousness, does he learn that Truth is God, for as he understands that Virtue he realizes that Truth symbolizes the Absolute.

Truth is always present in that which is Good, and as one progresses on the Path - on the evolutionary scale, he becomes aware of the expansion of that Virtue. Truth never changes, it only expands according to an individual's capacity to understand and accept the advanced Spiritual Law governing the Universe.

Truth is a study which energizes the desire to know more of God, but this can only be done when it is accompanied by humility of feeling.

To find Truth, one does not require volumes of written statements for the gratification of the mental body, but it does require the surrender of the lower vehicles to the Christ. As that Golden Man is given control, Truth is revealed to the humble man who prayerfully contemplates the Goodness, the All Power of the Almighty.

Do you not understand, my friends, why we repeatedly bring to your attention the importance of being the Christ, for the surrender of the lower self permits an individual to not only add to the Light of the Universe but to be of assistance to his fellow traveler.

You have been in a training period for many years, and it is time that you stood in the Presence of Truth. I am here, right in this Sanctuary... how many can face the Truth which I am privileged to represent? This can be done by the lifestream who has faced himself and accepted the fact that the lower consciousness is a misconception, a fallacy, spawned out of the human.

The opportunity is yours, this very minute, to let go of that which is not in accord with Perfection, and indicate to me, as I look into your auras that humbly you do desire, and are ready, to accept Truth. In reality this means that you are ready to dwell in the Higher Consciousness, which is one of Perfection. I assure you, dear earnest chelas, my Aura is of sufficient size to take you all into my embrace, and to give you the feeling that you have found the Truth for which you have long awaited. Then will you be able to say with real conviction - "Truth is so precious to me..."

As this Activity is taking place, I can see that much of the remaining shadows in your lifestreams are being transmuted and replaced by the Light of Truth.

I have detailed some of my Legions to be in attendance over your little schoolroom, for so much depends upon the manner in which these blessed young ones are trained - young insofar as present years is concerned. We are very well pleased with the training thus far.

At the close of this Meeting, all these Legions will traverse the Planet with the Light of all of the Seven Rays, for Truth IS in all Rays. These Beings will continue this service for the 24 hour period... as you retire this evening, they will cleanse any and all misconceptions which you may still be entertaining in your consciousness. Remember, your consciousness is made up of all the substance which has your electronic pattern stamped upon it. No matter where that energy may be, this energy will return to you for transmutation if it contains any imperfection, or it will enter the constructive side of your Ledger and add to the Beauty of your Causal Body.

How many times have the ladies, and the gentlemen too, thought what beautiful designs a certain couturier is exhibiting at a particular season, and you know that through the exchange of currency such attire may be purchased. Hear me precisely as I clearly state: the Light Garment which your individual lifestream should wear is even at this moment held in the hands of your Christ Self... the only exchange required is the surrender of your human consciousness to the Christ, and then you will be attired in Light Substance at all times... and this will shine through your flesh garment.

Do not be concerned that it will be a monotonous attire, for as you engage in a particular service to Life in your daily living, a true Child of God, you are a dispenser of Truth at all times. You can wear the Light Substance of any of the colors of the Rays, but be conscious always that every particle of energy which flows from you is traveling throughout the Universe carrying your particular pattern, and as certain as LIFE IS, will it return to you for amplification of the Glory of your Causal Body, or for transmutation. This is the Law of the Circle, and wise is he who desires to fully cooperate with the Spiritual Hierarchy as we give the Directives which we know are required for the restoring of the Planet Earth to her original Perfection. You know not when the Cosmic Law shall issue the fiat, translated into your language which means "NOW". I counsel you, to be on the alert and ready - at all times.

I have not come to alarm you, I speak only Truth... and I would like you to know that I am here directly after being in consultation with the Central Sun of this System, the magnificent Alpha and Omega, Helios and Vesta, and the Beloved Gautama, for the hour has arrived when all men upon this Earth shall face TRUTH. This should not overwhelm anyone, and can take place with a glorious release in your feeling world as you witness 'Truth Unveiled'.

Oh how many have shield away from my Presence through the ages. I am not an austere Being, blessed ones, I am filled with the Essence of Love Divine. It is only the human consciousness which has dwelt so long among men which fears Truth. Please believe me, children of the Father-Mother God, when one abides in Truth, he experiences the ecstasy of being which his God-ordained Destiny is.

I have chosen to wear a gentle Radiation, hoping that as the Essence of the Five Rays permeates the Earth, you will choose to accept my loving guidance, and as you turn your attention to my Presence, you will know that LOVE is the Key which will open the door to the Realm of Truth.

Can you not see that in the blending of our Life Energy I am speaking of God's Energy: that your consciousness will not flit throughout the Universe without true purpose: it is the Energy, GOD, which is released from a certain pivotal place in the Universe to widen the Borders of the Kingdom.

We are concerned, I use that word advisedly - with the movements of the Planets in this System, and as you have received so much Love and Instruction from the Spiritual Hierarchy, you have a responsibility to the Supreme Source to release constructively qualified energy at all times. Let go of the human and be the CHRIST SELF.

You know that each part of life upon this Earth is tied into this Focus at Shamballa... whether they care to accept that fact or not, it is irrevocable Truth. I would like you to think for a moment of the Lord of the World, and how he and those under his direction must release sufficient Light to keep this Planet in its orbit. I most humbly and positively appeal to you to assist us in this important Hour.

Physical armies are trained to carry out the orders of their Superior Officers. You are God's Legions bringing salvation to your brothers and sisters not so illumined as you, and as you ACCEPT and WEAR the Mantle of Truth, you will balance the debt which you OWE T0 LIFE.

Today we have concluded our Lessons on Precipitation, and it is a time of reflection. When you can and do accept the fact that you are precipitating with every breath, and as you think and feel, shall you prove whether this is just a mental exercise or that you have wholeheartedly accepted the Lessons in your feeling world.

Hear me with an expanded consciousness when I make the statement that it is ordained that you become the Presence of Truth wherever you are, not spasmodically when you are in our direct Radiation... but through the release of harmonious energy at all times.

The Light of Truth with which Beloved Hilarion and Our Legions is enfolding you and all seeking ones will form a Mantle of Truth about you, and as you accept this Blessing, you will find... GOD.

Having now anointed you, my blessed chelas, G0 THOU FORTH NOW, Oh Legions of my Heart, and touch the hearts of all upon this Planet and bring them PEACE, for in Truth there is Peace, Love and all the God Virtues.

I, - Pallas Athena, - Goddess of Truth have spoken.







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