A Message of

Beloved El Morya

When earnest souls are aware of the Masters and begin to think of us, naturally our energies flow back to them, and oftimes a strongly impressed word or thought does enter the conscious mind of the chela. That is a private blessing that should be honored by the individual in the silence of his own heart.

Here there is the danger that the awakening ego, once having received such an accurate impression, may begin thereafter to accept all the suggestions of his own inner bodies; his frustrated impulses and desires; and once he has accepted them indiscriminately, through spiritual pride and egotism, he no longer will accept the real directions and truths from the Master.

Really, ofttimes this closes the door of opportunity for advancement for an entire embodiment. There is great opportunity in receiving an impression from the Master, if it makes the lifestream more humble; more earnest; more valuable as an instrument in our hands, but when people question you concerning this, always counsel them that for one such blessing, there may be a thousand subtle impulses from their own inner bodies which form tests in discrimination and humility.

Consciousness is such a tremendous and interesting study, for it explains in its entirety the reason why the God of Love and his Messengers must vary the presentation of Truth according to the development of the soul consciousness of the race, the cycle in which specific accomplishments must be affected and the orderly progression, not only for our Universe, but the Galaxy to which we belong.

The purpose for which individualization of lifestreams took place was that each one might learn to control energy through thought, feeling and action. The way the consciousness of the person could be reached depended upon the density or clarity of individual and collective reception. In the early ages, before the veil of maya shut away the visible sight of the Master Guardians and the Angelic Host, it was comparatively simple for the Teachers of the race to convey the method by which each person could draw, focus, picturize and externalize energy forms and little, if any, confusions or mistakes could occur.

Alas; after the inner Sight and inner hearing were forfeited, the Messengers of the Law had to rely upon the mediator who, through exceptional purity of life experience, had retained the capacity to meet the consciousness of the Masters of the race, receive their instruction and carry it back to the consciousness of those few who chose to accept the Master's words.

In each age, such Messengers, Seers and Prophets endeavored to convey to the people a portion of the Law and the people, responding, set up a new religion which was always confuted by the founders of the old. Then we found ourselves in the position of having to break down the prejudice in the very religions we had previously founded, in order that the life wave ordained by the forward progress of the evolution might rise upon the shore of the mass consciousness, without the opposition which would break its strength, allowing much of its incoming power to be dissipated on the shoals of bigoted thinking.

Humanity, for the most part, resists change and progress, not only of a spiritual but even of a physical nature. They grudgingly accept the revelations of the inventor; the scientist or the explorer; only when, with the limited receptivity of the senses, they can touch, feel and taste the manifest blessings. Ah, how very treacherous are the reports of the senses upon which mankind lean so heavily and how deeply have these very senses bogged down the spirit of life in gratifying their passing lusts.

Yet, these limited, degraded, selfish senses have become the measure of Truth, instead of the faultless, Immaculate Flame within the Heart, which rushes forward with no uncertainty when the soul does bid it come; judging with the righteous judgment which cannot be denied. Wise is the soul of man who measures Truth by this spiritual mentor.

May your feet be winged, your soul be unfettered, and may your heart guide you quickly into the fullness of the Light.








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