Divine Principles

Beloved Lady Amaryllis



Fair flowers in the garden of God's Heart, I come this evening in great anticipation that you will burst through the shell of the lower consciousness as we feel the great release of the Flaming Power of Resuscitation.

What a beautiful garden manifested on this Earth in the early Golden Age. How well I remember this Planet when, for hundreds of years, I had been privileged to carry out the plan of the beloved Helios and Vesta, preparing her for the descent of humanity to populate her. All the glories from the various planets in this system were manifest through the process of Precipitation, and the magnificent lifestreams living hereon were true expressions of children of the Father-Mother God.

With great joy in our Hearts, we looked upon the Body of the mighty Virgo and bathed our Consciousness in the Beauty of her perfection. At the time of the change of seasons, the blossoms were etherealized and there was no deterioration. In the same manner, when man completed his journey, he entered into the Flaming Presence within his being, he knew that he could again come to Earth with a more advanced consciousness, or remain in the Higher Realms to serve from that advanced level.

Then as the degrading activity of humankind began to soil her beautiful garment, we knew without a shadow of a doubt that the Love, Wisdom and Power of the Godhead vested in us individually would restore the Earth to her original Perfection. We have held true to the perfection of the Kingdom as externalized by the Elohim, and those of us who were given the privilege of following a portion of that magnificent God Design, which had been lowered by the God Parents, mighty Helios and Vesta, into the Heart of the Planetary Silent Watcher Immaculata.

When humanity's consciousness fell to a lower level, his radiation affected all of the kingdoms, for that which affects one affects all, for there is no separateness in life. Are not your own vehicles made up of the various elements which comprise the Nature Kingdom!

When I was shown the picture of Perfection and was privileged to draw upon the gifts of Heaven's Realms, I consulted with the Maha Chohan for that period, for the Holy Breath of the Supreme Source is channeled through that beloved Being into all of the kingdoms. These meetings with the One who held that office through the ages had always been a source of joy to me. But, dear ones, can you imagine the ecstasy in my Being as I serve with the beloved Paul, the present Maha Chohan, for that glorious Being is my brother. He came to Earth, but I remained in the Higher Realms, and now we have a very good rapport, for he is the custodian of the Holy Breath for this Earth.

Let me impress upon your consciousness that Constancy of Purpose is a necessary factor to the outpicturing of a Divine Idea. All through the centuries the Beings in Heaven's Realms have held, and will continue to hold the Divine Blue Print for this Earth until she is restored to her original Perfection. Oh, the tenacity of purpose that has been required to hold true. I am not speaking of individual accomplishment..

I am referring to all the Beings who have been assigned to render this particular service. I bring this fact to your attention to remind you that what applies to one, applies to all.

Tremendous tenacity is required for the chela to advance on the Path. Countless times you have been admonished to 'keep on, keeping on' for that is an activity of God's Will. The chela believes he is sorely tried, but the obstacles, while they seem so difficult, are really a blessing in disguise, for they enable the unascended lifestream to surmount the hurdles and advance another step on the Ladder of Attainment. I wish to particularly give you encouragement, for the Father-Mother God, in great Love and Mercy, always provides a way for returning to the fold to the Kingdom of Heaven. The Resurrection Flame is such an agent of Love.

At the time of the Vernal or Spring Equinox such an opportunity is presented, and it is a period of buoyancy of Spirit. At this time when people all over the Planet are cognizant of the Resurrection of the glorious exemplar, the Master Jesus, and the Essence in the Reservoir for the resuscitation of all life.

Those chelas who live in the section of the planet where the Spring season is activated have but to look into the heart of a blossom, confidently knowing that it will soon come to full flower. In other places, flowers are always present, whether in a greenhouse or home, for the Resurrection activity is manifesting at all times. How often you have heard the statement which contains great Truth that "Hope springs Eternal". That glorious and essential Virtue is so beautifully expressed by the beloved Lady Hope, who awaits a summons from the children of Earth to accelerate that Radiation which she so lovingly dispenses.

Again, referring to the dormant shrub, plant or tree, you know in your feeling world that it will express its beauty at the appointed time.

I say to you with all the conviction of my Being that now is the time for you to express the Christ, who is imprisoned within the walls of your lower vehicles. It is only through lack of conviction in your feeling worlds that you are not fully expressing your own God-given Divinity.

Will you not permit me to assist you?

Lady Amaryllis

* * *

Sweet Amaryllis

Sweet Amaryllis, we greet thee in song,

Goddess of Spring - its beauty prolong.

All the Earth awakens to bless your dear heart,

All veils of Winter part.

Flame of Resurrection, thy Presence now commanding,

Love's Eternal youth by thy Presence now demanding.

Our love to thee - set all now free,

Blaze Love's youth through all for Eternity.

Sweet Amaryllis, we greet thee in song,

Goddess of Spring - its beauty prolong.

All the Earth awakens to bless your dear heart,

All veils of Winter part.

 Sweet Amaryllis, her Beauty of Light

Makes all our Earth a Heavenly sight,

Blossoms and buds to her glory unfold

Turning Earth green and gold;

Crocuses and daffodils and all the lovely grasses,

Grateful for her Love, kiss her garments as she passes!

Maha Chohan, to thy Heart we call

Through hope of Spring, bring Love's comfort to all.

Sweet Amaryllis, her beauty of Light

Makes all our Earth a Heavenly sight,

Blossoms and buds to her glory unfold

Turning Earth green and gold. 

(Melody: "Melody in F" - Rubinstein)



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