South American Conference

Kenich Ahan

November 29, 1987

Greetings, My Beloved Friends of Light.

I speak to you today from the Temple of Eternal Light on a Sound Ray, for I AM remaining at The Temple in order to greet you as you travel later in this day to our Focus.

This is a very, very ancient Temple. It is a very beautiful Temple and it is full of a great, great strength, and not many are invited to The Focus because of their GREED. In a certain secret section of this Temple are stored GOLDEN PLATES OF LIGHT containing the history of the ages. Man's greed is too great to allow the general traveler to come here. There are but few who are permitted entry.

I now assign to you, each one, a GUIDE, who will escort you to our Temple, and when you arrive at our Temple you will enter through a doorway into a passageway where none, except those who have sufficient light may enter. According to the strength of your Light you will be escorted further into the Temple, a few of you into the Secret Chambers. The Guide will take you along a pathway and it becomes a tunnel of Light. The walls are of White Marble grained in Solid Gold - PURE GOLD. On these walls are suspended the most beautiful tapestries woven from precious substance by the original natives here in Yucatan. These tapestries are EXQUISITE to behold. You will stand in awe and wonder at the beauty of the color and the artistry. They are EXQUISITELY MAGNIFICENT. The Guide takes you a little further down this pathway of Light to the Focus where the LIGHT is anchored. This is THE LIGHT OF ETERNAL LIGHT. Because of your Presence here we have woven a veiled curtain through which you may perceive the Flame, for it is much too intense for man to bear unless shielded. It is a Radiation too intense for you to enter or proceed any further.

This Light is BLAZING, and BLAZING, and BLAZING, for it is anchored here from the GREAT CENTRAL SUN, through HELIOS AND VESTA, and it shall remain here for ETERNITY. IT IS LIGHT ETERNAL. Through the veil you will perceive certain beings of Light who surround and protect the Flame, and they are constantly in DEEP PRAYER. And I tell you this particularly - WHEN YOU ARE IN PRAYER YOUR OWN LIGHT WILL EXPAND.

At any time that you require assistance all you need do is send your attention to our Focus. NO CALL IS LEFT UNHEARD OR UNANSWERED FROM ANY LEVEL OF LIFE. Few may enter, but ALL are heard. Friends of Light, this Flame Room is a glorious, glorious sight, and it is a glorious, glorious radiation. IT IS ETERNAL LIGHT - It is that Light that shall be here FOREVER. You may tune in to that Light AT ANY TIME and you will feel the Light of your own being expanding. As the Light expands from this Temple all over the Planet, each one of you will receive that Light and expand that Light throughout your whole being and your whole universe. The time will come when the ENTIRE PLANET is SATURATED with LIGHT. LIGHT ETERNAL.

You all know how it is when you enter a dimly lighted room, and you peer through the gloom, and then somebody presses the switch and the room is flooded with physical light. Ah! ...just KNOW that the Light within your own being can do the same as you turn your attention to that LIGHT which is ETERNAL.

This is a glorious, glorious day, and all over the planet all focuses are sending their Light to completely enfold this earth and all her evolutions, and no matter how humble a person may be each one has Light within their own being - according to their humility - the Grace which is humility. All lifestreams will begin to feel a loving pressure, which many will not understand, but with bowed heads each one will KNOW that they feel something of great wonder - wonder at what is taking place within them. Those who are sufficiently evolved will realize what it is... IT IS THE LIGHT WITHIN, THE HOLY CHRIST SELF WITHIN. THE ETERNAL LIGHT OF THE ALMIGHTY.

The ETERNAL LIGHT is BLAZING, and BLAZING and BLAZING, and Oh, my friends, I AM so very grateful to have this opportunity to speak to you, for I love you, each one. At this time when it is imperative that the earth receives more Light it is so essential to have Chelas at every place on the earth who will turn to the Flame within their own being and radiate it out to ALL LIFE everywhere.





YOU ARE OF HIS REALM, AND SO IT SHALL BE FOR YOU WHILE YOU ARE STILL WALKING THE EARTH if you can stay in a STATE OF GRACE AT ALL TIMES. You can send your Light to ALL the Kingdoms and raise the vibratory action of your Planet. It can be done - IT SHALL BE DONE - and NOW IS THE HOUR. We are looking to YOU for your assistance at this hour, so call on us, BEINGS OF LIGHT JUST AS YOU ARE - but of a HIGHER VIBRATION. We will give you every assistance you may require or desire as you turn your attention to us. We NEED your help.

I bow to the Light within your beings, and I Bless you with the Blessings of God, the Blessings of Light Eternal.

Kenich Ahan





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