The Ascension in the Light

Ascended Master Jesus

May 1973

Beloved Chelas, I would like to present a few facts to you regarding the Ascension of a lifestream into the Realm of Eternal Freedom in the Light.

The celebration of Ascension Day in the Christian Church is the conscious acknowledgement that the God Power through a human form can resurrect and perfect a flesh garment and transmute it into the Body Celestial spoken of in the Bible. Humanity's attention is drawn by the phenomena of such a transformation, but few pierce through the drama of Ascension Day to the Inner causes set up in consciousness which enabled that Cosmic Event to be manifest to the physical sight of those privileged to attend the public Ascension.

The entire purpose of incarnation, from the time that the Spirit first chooses the responsibility of accepting bodies made up of the elements that comprise physical manifestation in this Universe, is such that a spirit may transmute, perfect and raise that elemental substance into Pure Light. This process is known as the Ascension, and the bodily Ascension is but an effect of the Cosmic Causes set up at inner levels for transmuting and purifying the entire atmosphere of Earth, as well as the elements which make up the individual's own body consciousness.

The Ascended Master Consciousness is achieved through centuries of soul growth and spiritual expansion, and the tedious processes of daily living, which weighs so heavily upon the chela should be spent in believing that the transmuting process of the Ascension is hourly taking place in the Inner Self, and that as the chela ascends out of all human thinking and feeling, actions and re-actions, he begins to experience the exaltation of the Risen Consciousness.

Consciousness being the true self of man, when the consciousness is raised and sustained in an Ascended State of conscious recognition of PERFECTION ONLY, the elements of the lower spheres must of necessity follow, although, because of their slower vibratory action, it takes them longer to express the fullness of Perfection than it does the Inner Self to become aware of that Perfection.

It is during the period when the Inner Self is illumined to an understanding of the Ascended Master Consciousness, which does not allow the entertainment of any imperfection, when the individual is so vitally cognizant that the lower vehicles have not yet expressed the fullness of Perfection which he is affirming, and holding to with his Inner Breath, that a man requires tremendous tenacity of spirit in order to maintain a tranquil realization that, although the appearances do not confirm his inner conviction of Truth, he will persevere in holding that conviction, not in his mind alone or on his lips but within his heart, the experiences which are merely stamped upon the substance of the lower atmosphere will yield to him the Truth he has affirmed.

The risen Consciousness requires a chela to throw aside all belief in human appearances although to him they seem overwhelming and entirely contrary to his determined effort to cognize only Perfection, Good, Health, Supply and Vital Godliness. It requires him to stand in the Heart of God affirming that Perfection's Flame is manifest in the Universe.

To the individual who will maintain with tenacity this consciousness, there is no appearance in the whole Universe which will not conform to that tenacity of Spirit and yield to such a one the Perfection he has demanded of Life. Here I would not say it is in a demand of lip or will, but it is a calm, certain, steady KNOWING that Perfection alone returns to him who dwells upon it, who lives in it, and yet who gives it forth in all the release of his own energy, and who will accept nothing but Perfection from the world without or within him.

In this world, where good and evil seem to appear, man may choose to accept what is offered him without discrimination, or he may accept only Perfection, returning again and again the offerings of the appearance world, until the appearance world gives to him the heart of Perfection's Flame.

This is the Consciousness which I used until my ministry was completed. The bodies, the minds, the magnetic effluvia, the humanly created entities in and around lifestreams so dear, offered me a multitude of experiences that were not Truth. Through the Grace of the over-shadowing Lord Maitreya, through the teachings of Lord Saithrhu, and my own "I AM" Presence, I was so anchored in the acknowledgment of God's Truth that I did not accept the offering of the appearance world, whether they were guised in the cloak of so-called death or madness, disease, brutish anger of violence, and the physical Universe returned to me even the body that the appearance world endeavored to impress upon the consciousness of my loved ones a lifeless form. My inner conviction that there was no Power aside from God compelled the appearance world to accept my body as an Ascended Transfigured, Transformed and Eternal Garment which was the outpicturing of my realization that there are not two Powers in my Father's Kingdom.

When you use, with determination, the Ascended Jesus Christ Consciousness, you cannot fail to draw through your own lifestream my understanding, my conviction, my momentum and my tenacity of Spirit in acknowledging only ONE POWER - and that Consciousness which I offer you for constant use, will as surely ascend your consciousness, shall free you from sickness, disease and limitation as it freed me and individuals who followed not my word, not my precepts, BUT MY EXAMPLE!

The Ascended Christ Consciousness is not a panacea for problems that are immaterial in the course of the universal progress, but it is a Consciousness which can be a transmuting power to the entire Universe, if connected with even one lifestream who will remain true to Perfection's expression, and who will not accept human appearances nor their offerings.

Blessed ones, I shall lovingly assist you in this process of the Ascension, if you will but express the desire.

Ascended Master Jesus





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