Coming Days of Change

Saint Germain

From The Bridge,

January 1957


Through the coming of great world changes, we come into strange days now, when great numbers of people may be in distress. They will need your calls to set into action the transmuting powers of the Violet Fire which you have been prepared to call forth. Bless your dear hearts! You are now, and have been for years, through your devotion to my Violet Flame, transmuting much more discordantly qualified energy than you know-much that does not even belong to yourselves.  

So, straighten your shoulders and raise your head in the dignity of Gods and Goddesses of Freedom, realizing that if the so called 'sinister force' does make an inroad into your world, emotionally, mentally, etherically or physically, it may not necessarily be your own. It is just destructively qualified energy coming into the Violet Fire for redemption!

Let us learn to live above the tensions which plague the consciousness of the people of the world. There is no way for you to survive as a spiritual movement or even a spiritual group, if you live below what I have chosen to call the 'water-line', where there is fear, all sorts of distress, intolerance, hate, anger, rebellion and jealousy. If you do, you are then a part of the mass creation and the mass mind; you are in the bottom of the pit of human creation, instead of on top, dropping a rope (of our instruction) to those below you, by which you can raise them (by their acceptance) out of the darkness of human iniquity into the Light of God that never fails (is eternally victorious)!






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