Thomas Printzí Private Bulletin

A weekly Release of Esoteric Teachings


Volume 18, No. 34                                                                                                    November 23, 1969 

Beloved Ones: 

The difference between mastery and limitation lies within the ability of the chela to consciously control and regulate the vibratory action of the vehicles in which he functions. 

Every time you are graced with a release from any member of the Spiritual Hierarchy your vehicles receive a Blessing which assists you momentarily to raise your consciousness and experience an exhilaration of your emotional nature. However, to sustain the accelerated vibratory action lies within your free will choice. 

While we are counseling you to turn to your own "I AM" Presence, and to become that Presence in action, how often do you think that there are Legions of the Angelic Host waiting to render assistance along every avenue of service? Remember, too, that the most undisciplined of aspirants can, with an invocation of Love to any member of the Spiritual Hierarchy bring them on wings of Love to help you to consciously control the energy which comes to you for the expansion of the borders of the Kingdom of Heaven. 

When you request assistance from any of us, you are coming closer to being the Christ Presence in action, for in the great all-encompassing Consciousness of Perfection there is no separation and you become more closely attuned to that exalted state of being, and your vehicles experience the rhythmic harmony which the Spiritual brotherhood enjoy and are so desirous of having you attain, and sustain.

Love and Blessings,







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