Thomas Printzí Private Bulletin

A weekly Release of Esoteric Teachings

 Volume 24, No. 1                                                                                                                           April 6, 1975


Beloved Chelas: 

With this Release, we begin a new Volume of The Bulletin and it is my privilege to give you an excerpt from Lady Sonata's address at the Easter Class. My earnest prayer is that the Harmony of this message will stimulate your interest to expanded service. 

Beloved Sonata: 

"I come to you this evening bringing my momentum of Cosmic Harmony, that expression which you have all begun to create in your own worlds... 

You know that I serve with the mighty Serapis and the beloved LaMoray, and while all the Beings in Heaven's Realms release a harmonious radiation at all times, these two Beings are fervently dedicated to the release of music in the world of form. 

You have experienced many days without the Light of the Sun shining through the clouds and when you again see the Sun light breaking through the clouds, what a glorious picture it presents... how it lifts the spirits of one and all. I give this to you as a simple illustration of what is taking place in the worlds of the chelas. 

Not so long ago there were intermittent periods when the Light could be seen emanating from your beings, but now it is the Light of the Sun of your beings which is the rule, rather than the exception. 

Before I proceed any further, I would apprise you that the Thought Form for this Class is a glorious Star created out of Easter Lilies. This exquisite expression is pulsating in great intensity over Shamballa, and I pray that you will tune in to the true meaning of this Pattern! 

Returning to musical expression, let us picturize the basic notes of the scale... when the tones of your being are in perfect harmony, they can be likened to the seven bodies in perfect alignment... the Christ in action in the world of form. 

Can you envision what a tremendous assistance would be given if we had chelas who could unreservedly blend their energies in perfect Harmony with us! Greater would be your service to the Earth and her evolutions - thus more quickly would the Permanent Golden Age come into expression! 

Now there is a special and expanded visualization in which I would like your cooperation:   

Let us glimpse the Seven Great Rays coming from the Heart of the Great Central Sun, passing through the Beings of the Seven Mighty Elohim and being received by all the Suns of this System... each Sun sending the Rays to each Planet in their chain. 

Now thinking specifically of the Planet Earth, see the Seven Rays enter the forehead of each of its inhabitants, each lifestream feeling the Rays enter into the Christ Self - there being energized through the Sacred Elixir of the Holy Breath and sent on their journey with a particular Blessing with which the lifestream has qualified the Light! 

Endeavor now to extend your consciousness and see this action taking place through all the Planets of each Sun, and glimpse part of the over-all Light of this System of Worlds. 

Does this not make you feel at ONE with all Life?"


Love and Blessings,









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