Thomas Printz’ Private Bulletin

A weekly Release of Esoteric Teachings


Volume 25, No. 19                                                                                                                     August 8, 1976


Beloved Chelas: 

I know that you will feel the enfolding Love of Lord Divino, the Buddha, as you study his words in the following excerpt from his Address on July 12, 1976... 

Beloved Lord Divino 

Let us now come to the specific point I wish to make your mental bodies are filled to overflowing with the releases which you have received through the years and, forgive me if I say, it is expedient that you do not greedily seek more information as soon as you have quickly read them. Let your consciousness be constantly aware that stored within your mental garment is everything that is required for you to make your Ascension in the Light while assisting the evolutions using this Planet into their Freedom as you put into practice the Lessons provided. 

Could you have seen with your physical sight the pilgrims who came to the Festival last evening satisfying their thirst in deep humility for just being in the Radiation of that Cosmic outpouring! You will remember that the Master Jesus received but one Affirmation. "I AM" the Resurrection and the Life" and from that statement he developed all the qualities that were necessary for his Victorious Accomplishment in the Light... he contemplated its meaning in the Silence and entered the Secret Place of the Most High - that Chamber wherein the Christ abides. 

When one becomes still enough to silence the busy mental body, many are the Truths which are unveiled, I suggest that you contemplate a portion of an Address at a time and you will find many avenues of divine thought opening up to you - for as you study the Master's words his radiation enfolds you. As one studies a beautiful painting or other work of art, he sees features incorporated into it by the artist which did not at first glance impress themselves upon the physical eye looking at the shading, the color tones and other details widens the scope of understanding within the whole. 

And so it is with the reading of an Address... you will find many lessons contained therein - if you will hold the mental body in check and not race through the words. Before even reading the lesson, it is advisable and most helpful if you ask the Master who gave the address, to enfold you in his Radiation and by contemplating that feeling, Divine Thoughts would literally blaze forth as you entered into the feeling which the Master had and his purpose in giving the Lesson. 

I emphasize the word "lesson" for these Addresses are not just stories to entertain the consciousness but Truths which will hasten your own evolution and through their application that of all mankind. It has been said that "one picture is worth a thousand words" and it is with this in mind that we believe your feeling and mental worlds consciously serving together will open up mighty vistas for you... and having mentally seen the content, your understanding will be greatly enlarged. 

Let us take an actor or actress who is portraying a well-known person on the stage... it is the one who turns his consciousness completely over to the part he is playing, who gives a portrayal that commands the attention of the audience. It is the FEELING which counts and that characterization or play lives on and is repeated through the years by other actors who love the character they have the privilege of emulating. 

And, it is thus with the chela… one cannot just gloss over the contents of the Truths which they have received through the years." 

Love and Blessings,









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