Thomas Printz’ Private Bulletin

A weekly Release of Esoteric Teachings


Volume 25, No. 21                                                                                                                  August 22, 1976


Blessed Chelas: 

The beloved Lady Esthesia, High Priestess of Ceremonial on the Planet Uranus is an Exponent of the glorious Love Aspect of Divinity, which you will feel as you read her words given on July 15th. 

Lady Esthesia speaks: 

I bring you the greetings from all of us on the Planet Uranus. I present to you this spiritual bouquet of our Love... take a flower of Light from this presentation and walk in the garden of my Heart. 

0, you know I think upon this Planet Earth daily as you channel the Light from our planet into yours. It is such a privilege to help your fellow traveler on the Pathway of Light... as you help others we, in turn, help you. Love, dear ones, is Light - Light is all there is! 

You know it is appropriate and necessary, that you raise the vibratory action of your own garments as well as the Planet Earth, because you are moving closer to our orbit and you must have a vibration akin to that so that all will take place in harmonious accord. And I extend my deep and abiding gratitude to you for your service yesterday* (mouse over asterisk)... for the Inbreath took place in perfect harmony. God bless your efforts, I am pleased to see you incorporate ritual in your activities, because on the Planet Uranus you know that daily living is a sacred ritual, and some of you here assembled are beginning to realize that your every thought, word and deed is a ritual. You are giving homage to the Supreme Source when you send forth the energy given so freely to you in Love, for the expansion of the Father's Kingdom on this Planet, and that radiation flows out to form the great tapestry of all creation. 

Weave your thread in that tapestry in Love, in Beauty and in Harmony. I know you will, for you are dedicated chelas, and we love you with an intensity that is difficult to portray in words, but I hope you will get the feeling of Love which I am pouring out to you. 

Now there are some among you who have not yet read "GOD'S PLAN FOR OUR SOLAR SYSTEM?' so I ask those who already know what I have to repeat to bear with me, because we must share with others. You know on the Planet Uranus there is no disease, no discord, no inharmony, no inclement weather... all is beauty, perfection and Divine Order. We all, have great reverence for life and our homes and Temples are magnificent indeed… 

Our Temples are magnificent structures - quite large in size - in height and in breadth - to accommodate our priests and priestesses, and the inhabitants of our planet. And Ritual in expanded manner is the order of the day. Every Being who comes to the Temple - Ascended or unascended - brings the harmony of his own garments, and they all blend in a mighty symphony - a beautiful offering to the Father-Mother God. And it is necessary that you on the Planet Earth bring in Ritual in your Classes, and others that you can use in the privacy of your homes. But I most humbly request that you do not perform any ritual, individually, in class that is intended for the privacy of your own home. The leader of the day will set the pattern and all others will blend into that which he or she has chosen. You all have wonderful opportunities ahead, for each one has a Holy Christ Self and the beauty within that Christ will express in various forms of ritual. 

Be very careful in your selection of the form of ritual. All must he dignified - a credit to your lifestream - and those who are emulating what you are doing.... a bouquet of Light unto the Father of all.

Love and Blessings,









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