Thomas Printz’ Private Bulletin

A weekly Release of Esoteric Teachings


Volume 26, No. 39                                                                                                                              December 25, 1977


Beloved Ones: 

At this Holy Season of the Year when mankind, in general, are giving recognition to the life of the Master Jesus, I believe the following is apropos... for surely he was Love incarnate… 

Love of the Light is a very beautiful experience for every tiny electron has a form, face, color and a little identity within itself. If you could see the hundreds of millions of electrons breathed forth on the Breath of the Father-Mother God and received by the "I AM" Presence in great humility, you would understand more fully the Gift of Life. 

These electrons live in the Heart of the Presence, and then in rhythmic pulsation, according to the wisdom of the Presence are sent on their downward journey with particular gifts, powers and blessings, both for the lifestream through which they pass and for the great Universal whole. They are overjoyed with their Mission and carry their little cups and vials filled to overflowing with the gifts from the Father-Mother God and move happily on their way until they come to the borders of the human kingdom... where they are set upon by the vibratory action of the personal self, the physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies. Here their lovely little Suns are dimmed by the grinding of the human will - their vials are filled with the excrement of the human thinking and feeling... their wings broken by coarse language and expression... and when they... at last... pass through the body, they are but "corpses" rather than Angelic Beings. 

When mankind en masse come to a knowledge of true Beauty and Love, they will then begin to respect Life, to invite these little Angelic Presences and to give them safe convoy, thus enriching God's Kingdom. 

For the improved and accelerated vibratory action of the chelas, I am truly grateful... as are these tiny Beings who now find their journey through your, beings a more pleasant experience. 

Love and Blessings,










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