Thomas Printz’ Private Bulletin

A weekly Release of Esoteric Teachings


Volume 27, No. 42                                                                                                                    January 14, 1979

Blessed Chelas: 

The evolution of the Spiritual Light within man is a most interesting study when looked at from the standpoint of the Inner Sight. From the Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame within the heart there are extended like spokes from a wheel electrical currents, and the periphery of the foremost of these currents that can be generated and projected forth by the self-conscious will of the lifestream forms a sphere of influence which each individual has evolved... and in the center of which he lives and moves at all times. 

As these waves of electrical energy pass from the heart center of the individual lifestream they decrease in intensity, power and capacity, until at the end of their particular beam they are scarcely in motion at all. 

As the Upper Figure in the Holy Trinity Picture shows rays of varied length, so do certain intensities of thought and feeling differ in wave length... but the most intense and powerful feeling of a lifestream that sends out the farthest beam of electrical force is the measure of the capacity of that lifestream to serve the Uni­verse, or to hinder its progress, when used in reverse. 

When an individual comes under the Radiation of an Ascended Master he immediately draws more power, more energy, and the intensity behind the electrical impulses released from his heart or his inner bodies, either for good or for ill, carry to a far greater distance than before he was so energized. Thus his sphere of influence and his capacity to serve become greater, and the Cosmic Law requires of him by that in­creased capacity a greater return wave of service to the Universe and its creatures. 

Ponder well, dear ones, the increase of knowledge, for with it comes through immutable Law, a requisite of Good to Life. 

Love and Blessings, THE MAHA CHOHAN





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