Thomas Printz’ Private Bulletin

A weekly Release of Esoteric Teachings


Volume 27, No. 43                                                                                                                                         January 21, 1979


My dear Children: 

It is of the utmost importance that you thoroughly study and put into practice the counsel given by beloved Holy Amazon at the Transmission of the Flame Class last evening: 

BELOVED LADY AMAZON speaks              

                            January 20, 1979 

Beloved ones, as I reverently speak the Name of the "I AM" Presence, the Creator of all Life, I humbly bow to that Presence within your Hearts! Do be seated, my dear ones. 

Will you now please send your deep gratitude to the Flaming Presence of all Life beating your hearts... pause a moment and release as much Love as you are capable of and adore the Father-Mother God!  

Thank you, beloved of the Light, the Pink Flame is now emanating from your beings, and that is necessary for it will stabilize you for the tremendous power of the Blue Ray which is being so greatly energized at this hour!!! 

Our Focus over Zurich is sending forth the most transcendent Radiation of the First Ray one could envision. Visualize it extending over all Switzerland similar to flashing lightning in the sky.... and in the center see the colors of all the Seven Rays. If you can hold that picture in your minds, you will be the recipients of great Protection! 

God's holy Protection is of prime importance especially at this time while the activities of all the Rays will flow into our Focus... from the Elohim, the Archangels, the chelas and added to that the Angelic and Devic hosts in all graded orders are truly reveling in the privilege of energizing God's Holy Will to all Life! 

Never discount the service of the Angelic Host... for, dear children, they are your friends... eager, oh so eager, to be called into action by those who are yet wearing garments of flesh on this planet Earth. 

The chelas often think "if I could do more... my time seems so limited... if I were in better health... if I had more money, I would be able to do so much more! The desires within your hearts could be fulfilled, and oh so easily! How? By placing your attention on your own "I AM" Presence when you return to waking consciousness in the morning and asking the beloved Hercules to hold your attention on the Presence... simply by having the Faith that it is God, the "I AM" Presence that is doing the work. 

Yes indeed, this has been brought to your attention many times... hid you followed through on that counsel it would not be necessary for me to repeat it at this time. Take your attention from all limitation... You are in the Schoolroom of Life and until these lessons are learned by being put into practice, we shall have to remind you again and again. And if these statements seem wearisome to you, it is only because you have not put forth sufficient effort... and know that Faith is required. 

Lovely ones, you have the greatest opportunity during this year... to fulfill the Edict of the Cosmic Law that you realize that it is the "I AM" Presence serving through you... that the energy that flows through you will and can render the Service when you actually accept in your feelings that the four lower bodies are simply instruments through which the Light of God does perform the Service! 

Oh Father-Mother God, I pray that I may be able to impress upon these dear ones the glorious opportunity which is theirs to be the Christ in Action... not spasmodically but at all times. Hear my plea, Oh Divine Fount of all Creation  

Children of my Heart please be assured that I am not scolding, I am merely reitera­ting that which you have heard countless times which has not as yet fully entered your consciousness. Know that I love you as a mother... and as you so desire that feeling can be an enfolding Mantle about you. Remember, always, that Divine Love is God in action. 

Now to our Retreat this glorious Focus is filled to capacity with Cosmic Luminaries from many, many Stars, for with the release of the magnificent Thought Form and the Sponsors for the Year, all of us through our Cosmic Vision can see the glorious activities which can take place in the coming twelve-month period. 

The Seven Rays are all energized at this Focus and shall go forth with intensified power, according to the capacity with the chelas on Earth to draw the Light. We are truly anticipating expanded service from all of you. 

All of the assembled guests are wearing white garments this evening, with some Jewel or other adornment of deep vibrant Royal Blue, in honor of the First Ray. From the forehead of mighty Hercules, that glorious Being of Faith, Strength, Power and notably Divine Love, is blazing the Crown of the Elohim with all the colors of the Rays in the most glorious color of the Ray. Personally I have chosen to wear a simple white garment with a Tiara of Sapphires and Diamonds, for I wish all attention to be centered upon the activity which will be so magnificently and powerfully expressed by my Beloved Hercules. 

Our amphitheater this month covers all of Europe and it is hoped that the hearts of men will be so stirred through its Radiation that they will truly desire to come to us. 

The chelas will be in the outermost section of our Focus, where there is a gossamer but strong protective screen so they may be able, due to their increased radiation, to enter this section of Our Retreat. 

All during this month we shall have special activities taking place and we believe that you will be able to absorb much of the Radiation and bring it into your waking hours! 

The mighty God of the Swiss Alps, whose Focus is at Monte Rosa, invites you to come to his Focus while in this vicinity. All you have to do is to ask your Sponsor to bring you there. We have assigned Sponsors to each of you according to your specific requirement. 

I shall now take my leave and enter the Flame Room to stand by the side of my be­loved Hercules. He has provided Throne Chairs before the Flame for the Sponsors of the Year...  exquisite chairs of a substance resembling crystal with Royal Blue uphol­stery truly regal in appearance. 

In the amphitheater above our Focus will be a blazing Representation of the Thought Form for the Year, held in the embrace of the Luminous Presence of the great God Principa. It is our heart-felt intention that the mankind of this Earth will know the true meaning of Liberty - the Liberation of the Christ from the encasement of the human… sealed in an aura of Protection and Peace. 

God Bless and Protect you, each dear one, and I state most emphatically that GOD'S WILL SHALL MANIFEST FOR THIS PLANET AND ALL HER EVOLUTIONS! 

Good Evening. 

Love and Blessings, THE MAHA CHOHAN







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