The Shamballa Letter

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VOLUME V, Number 31                                                                                                             August 3, 1983  

Mahatma Gandhi

Kindred souls witnessing the cry from the hearts of mankind for surcease from the travail which has built through the centuries, I come to you wearing a simple cloak of gratitude for your adherence to the Thought-Form of this year of Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Three. 

Could you see with the Inner sight… but you do feel within the recesses of your soul, the feeling of Unity which is being set into motion by the visualization of the peoples of this Earth joined in unity around this planet. While Nations and Sects are proclaiming their disfavor with one another, when you look beneath the turmoil you can see that which is embedded in their consciousness as the RIGHT OF OPINION… THE SURVIVAL OF THEIR ACCEPTED OR FORCED WAY OF LIFE! See not the nefarious emanation, but from the innermost recesses of your being continue to energize the Light flowing from one Nation to another through the handclasp of the orthodox (to you) or otherwise, fellow traveler.  

We anticipate, as you can already clearly see, the endeavors being made by the heads of various countries attempting to ameliorate the outer apparent differences visually evident. Through the thread of Truth, RELEASE, in solemn dignity, your fellow traveler. The attention of mankind has permitted us to use that energy and add to the reservoir of Unity which is bringing tremendous gratitude to the heart of the mighty Micah, Angel of Unity – to whom you are greatly indebted for his Service in the Christian Dispensation. We, just two cells in the Infinite, are tremendously encouraged, for you have provided the energy for the Edict of this year to pulsate in ever increasing intensity. Continue, we counsel you, and we assure you, ere this yearly cycle has passed, evidence of the power of Respect for the Life in All will become fact! 

The eventual outcome of the power of Pure Love is without parallel. 

One Exponent of Love Divine “I AM”









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