The Shamballa Letter

A weekly release of higher spiritual teachings available by request, to members

 VOLUME V, Number 32                                                                                                                                   August 9, 1983 

Lord Maitreya

August 7, 1983 

A mighty Truth is presented to you in the rendition of In Trutina (in the balance) part of the Keynote for this month which provides you with the key to accepting and being at One with all Life. Through the centuries Lord Gautama has expounded the Middle Way of Balance. When an individual will accept the Truth that there is only One Power in the Universe, “I AM”, he will experience the meaning of the Middle Way – the balance of Love, Wisdom and Power. I counsel you – with the tremendous radiation of Love being amplified and released by Cosmic and Ascended Beings from the current Retreat – to realize, oh, realize, after the training you have received through the years, to set aside all human concepts and be the radiating center of Divine Love expected of you. 

Doubt not the Wisdom of the Mighty Lord of the World in permitting you this opportunity. It is up to you, the stalwart followers of our Directives, to search your souls and accept this unprecedented opportunity to pass the test placed at your feet. The time of reckoning, of your ability and willingness to cooperate with us in the acceleration of the vibratory action on this Earth, is at hand. Think you, with all the glorious Beings who have and are giving you assistance through test after test to prepare you for the final examination of relinquishing all vestiges of the human consciousness that it would be wise to cling to the ways of the human? 

You have this month of August to search your souls and obliterate for all time that which is of the human. And the way, of course, is to let the Essence of Pure Love radiate from your innermost Being, “I AM”, at all times. You have recognized and accepted the great advances in the scientific field. For instance, those brave astronauts who are willing to explore other spheres for the further advancement of their fellow travelers on Earth. Why are they willing to do so? Ah, they are convinced of the accomplishment of their adventure. After all the centuries, while you have explored many paths with the limitless energy which has been expended by the Spiritual Hierarchy on your behalf - do you not think it is time you were convinced that the human consciousness is an illusion? Are you ready to experience the happiness, the ecstasy of serving from Cosmic Consciousness, at One with all who have the formula for the expansion of the so-called Kingdom of Heaven on Earth? – where you can experience untold mysteries of the Universe, just by shedding all traces of human consciousness and stepping through the door to Freedom – the freedom of Oneness with the Center of Divinity in all Life, and walk the Earth in a manner befitting a chela of Light. 

Accepting your Diploma, I shall be there to say – welcome to your true home, fellow traveler! 

One of your Mentors,







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