The Shamballa Letter

A weekly release of higher spiritual teachings available by request, to members

 VOLUME V, Number 33                                                                                                                                                 August 16, 1983


 Mother Mary 

How glorious was my privilege to guide the child Jesus during the Christian Dispensation, for in so doing I was sending forth the Radiation of Mother Love to all Life! This allowed me to evolve to the estate where I could manifest my full Identity as Mercedes, Mother of the Seventh Root Race. 

Through the Mother Principle of Life the chelas will see it is becoming increasingly evident that the Earth and all hereon is now in the process of rebirth into the New Age of Freedom. Oh, how long we have had the signal honor of using our energy for the evolution of this planet after her fall from Grace… when the consciousness of mankind became so ego-inflated they no longer dwelt in the center of their Being “I AM”. As time proceeded, century after century the degradation of life reached such a low ebb that it was necessary for the formation of a Spiritual Hierarchy of Cosmic and Ascended Beings, who pledged their all on the Altar of Love, serving in conjunction with our Lord of Love Sanat Kumara. 

During this time there were some among mankind who volunteered to remain in solitude, channeling their energies to assist in redeeming this Earth. I would like to point out the dedication of these Silent Ones… for the hour has arrived when it is required that those who serve in the Group Avatar do so from the center of their Being “I AM”…where they will learn of the rebirth of  life… as it was intended to be. 

Let us now think of the meaning of the word Dignity… a sign of royalty, which you should understand in its fullness, not as the designation of a sovereign of any particular country, although some nations do exhibit that state, thus earning the respect of those to whom they set a pattern. It is time you wore the royal robes of Freedom… a chela who has evolved to the consciousness where he knows and exhibits by his conduct that he wears a garment suitable for a representative of the Spiritual Hierarchy. We have stated numerous times the true chela must be balanced and not assume a “holier than thou” attitude. Let me assure you that happiness, joy and their relative energies is a necessary requirement for those who serve with us. There are few dwellers on this planet who are aware of their real service to Life but you can be certain you would not have chosen to serve from the highest level of consciousness which is beginning to be released, gradually, oh, so gradually from the Sacred Focus of Shamballa, which we trust will soon be recognized on the earth plane as Eynhallow… the Holy Island about which you have been apprised these many years. Now, with your rapidly expanding consciousness you will become aware of the meaning of the Holy Isle. I counsel you and expect everyone who serves with us on Long Island, and elsewhere, to be obedient to and use the Directives which are and will be presented to you in more rapid succession than you may realize. 

Respect, oh, respect, the service of each other and know that he or she is endeavoring to perform the assignment given him at Inner Levels – each being a point of Light from which flows at all times the Light of the Sun of your Being “I AM”. 

In the Feminine Aspect of Mother Love, I AM with you always as you think of me as Mercedes, or Mary, the Mother of Jesus – holding always the Immaculate Concept for you and all Life.


Your Co-server,








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