The Shamballa Letter

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 VOLUME V, Number 34                                                                                                                                          August 23, 1983


Feast of the Ascension of Beloved Lady Mary


The Sun Goddess Lady Vesta

August 15, 1983

As we honor the Ascension of Holy Mother Mary, our attention turns to the glorious example of the Divine Principle of Motherhood which she represented during her mission as the mother of the child Jesus. 

How do we describe a mother and her service to Life? Yes, she is a cup in which an embryo is nurtured to fruition. Certainly her service does not end there. It really begins and should continue through the formative years of childhood, guiding her offspring to maturity. When a mother leaves the Earthplane, or through divorce or separation, when the father is given custody, he assumes the authority for the child. The foster or adoptive mother is also responsible for the welfare of the child. In some instances, when the custodian or foster parent is a male adult, the situation is the same. Think carefully upon this. We realize within every lifestream upon the Earth is embodied both the masculine and feminine aspects of Divinity. You are aware that lifestreams often change the nature of their being before re-embodying for the specific purpose that they may experience the qualities of masculinity and femininity. What this shows is the understanding of completeness or Oneness, which is built into the soul, bringing the lifestream into maturity during its many sojourns on Earth. 

Sometimes one hears a remark concerning a feminine being – “Oh, she acts just like a man. She uses the authority of a man.” Ah, in this instance the individual has balanced her being and can use a masculine quality when necessary. The same applies to the male adult. Understand in no instance am I referring to extremes of physical behavior! It is essential that you understand the true meaning of motherhood. Let us look with great respect to the Divine Lady Mary. Through all the years of the Christian Dispensation she was giving adoration in the fullness of love as an example of motherhood – for training at all times in loving guidance to holding the Immaculate Concept, not only for her son, Jesus, enabling him to fulfill his mission as the Christ, but for all mankind. 

The chelas are now endeavoring to become the Christ which was their commitment at Inner Levels before taking embodiment. I counsel you to contemplate the example of Mother Mary and through intercession of this beautiful Lady; the feeling of motherhood will infiltrate your consciousness and entire being. The chelas and every lifestream on this planet must learn the Divine Principle of bringing to fruition the Christ of their individual lifestreams, through nurturing or mothering the little self until the Christ is manifest, in order to mother this planet to its Divine Perfection, thus bringing forth the Perfection held in the Heart of the mighty Lady Immaculata, who holds the Immaculate Concept for this dear Earth at all times. 

Representing the Mother Aspect for the Sun of this System, I enfold you in that Radiation,








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