The Shamballa Letter

A weekly release of higher spiritual teachings available by request, to members

 VOLUME V, Number 9                                                                                                                                         March 1, 1983 


Beloved Mary – Mother of Jesus

February 17, 1983

Santo Domingo 

Children of the One Great Light, thank you for your reverent welcome.   

I have known you through the ages and I do now notice visibly your advancement in the Light.  This brings great joy to a mother’s heart.  You all know during the Christian Dispensation that I was respected, and still am, as a mother.  I came today to tell you that the beautiful Lady Mercedes now holds the position as the Mother of the Seventh Root Race… this unfolding Dispensation of the Seventh Ray.  Such a magnificent Being… words are inadequate to describe the magnitude of her Love and Light.  I bow to her as do all in Heaven’s Realms.  Mercedes! Mercedes! Glorious expression of Light, how we love you. I am deeply grateful to see the beautiful little children in embodiment on this blessed island. It is a great privilege for me to tell you that they are blessed to have come into this prepared environment on Earth. 

I am deeply grateful that you, Blessed Mercedes, said, "Come Mary, speak to my lovely little ones." And of course the word ‘little’ means the Divine Self of each of you.  For you have ears to hear and you do listen.  I bow to that beautiful Lady Mercedes as I say ‘accept my offer.  For I will consider it an honor to continue to hold the Immaculate Concept of which I have quite a momentum’ …as each of you do to form a composite whole.  I know everything I say to you is received in reverent humility and I want you to know that I offer my hand and heart to you… and any time you may need assistance, I am standing ready to assist you. 

Many, many Angels of the Legions of Mary of the Immaculate Concept have come with me and we are going, after the Class to Mother Mercedes’ Focus and shall bow to her as we offer our humble service. Please accept our benediction and Love and if you wish an Angel of the Immaculate Concept to remain in your aura… remaining there by your loving attention… that Blessed Angel will stay with you as you so desire.  The little ones are very, very illumined and it is essential that they see the ‘elders,’ so to speak, express the Immaculate Concept, for it is God’s Love and God’s Love is the very heart of your Being. 

Thank you dear ones for your reverent attention and I bless you with all the Love of my Being.  

Good morning…Mother Mary












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