The Shamballa Letter

A weekly release of higher spiritual teachings available by request, to members

 VOLUME V, Number 10                                                                                                                                                       March 8, 1983 



Mt. Avila, Venezuela, March 6, 1983

Shamballa, L. I.

 Good morning, beloved co-servers of the Spiritual Hierarchy.  Will you kindly be seated? 

I am speaking to you on a Light Ray from the Palace of Man’s Purpose for the specific reason that we wish to have you tune into the mighty Star anchored here at Shamballa, the Heart Center of the Spiritual Hierarchy for this planet Earth.  I am going to speak to you in a very forceful and direct manner for the day is at hand when all our co-workers on this planet Earth shall become the Christ in Action.  I ask you, each dear one, to enter into the Flaming Presence of Love Divine within your own beings.  I shall pause for a moment until you have the true feeling of the Christ, not mentally, but truly knowing you can be the Christ if you will surrender the last vestiges of the human which do act occasionally and that is a commendatory statement when I say, ‘occasionally.’  That Christ Self must be given the opportunity of pouring its radiation of Love Divine through our every thought, feeling, word and deed.  Oh, Blessed Ones, know what it means to feel that glorious radiation blazing from you like the Rays from the Sun when you are the Christ in Action.  I SO DECREE!  And if you will accept it, from this moment forward you are the Christ in Action! It is imperative that this shall take place through all our co-workers on the planet.  But I emphatically state to all of you who have the privilege of being under the direct Radiation of the mighty Beings here at Shamballa, the Center of the greatest Light upon this planet. Bow the head in adoration to the Divine principle of Life and bend the knee of the human so that you will be – for you can be – the Christ at all times. 

Know the powerful tones of my voice are surrounded, are filled with the Essence of Divine Love, for you are Gods, you are Love and you understand, or should, that every Directive we give to you is the Essence of Love.  Pause for a moment and go deep, deep within… 

Standing in the atmosphere of this Earth in the Aura of the mighty Alpha and Omega, is the Angel of Restoration. He is enfolding you and all life upon this planet in the feeling of Restoration. In order to be the Christ… I am speaking of the entire Family of Man… you must be unified with your Divine Self.  It is up to you, all of you who serve with the Group Avatar, to do everything within your power to help your fellow traveler to bring about the Theme for this year – the Unity of Life, the Family of Man. 

You are witnessing all over the planet great turbulence of the elements and other activities which are only indications that all iniquity is being spewed forth, for the elements no longer have to stand what man has created.  So condemn not any nefarious activity which is taking place and just Love, Love, Love Life Free!  We told you that this was going to be a year of great opportunity. NOW IS YOUR CHANCE to prove that you are way-showers!  If you would consider this, that which I am saying to you, in the Silence of your Being, you will feel such a blessing pouring on you as you receive the mighty Light Rays coming into your Being you will be so grateful doing nothing but remaining in the Silence of your Beings at times to send the purification of Divine Love, of Restoration and all the avenues which you know, which you have learned through the years, which CAN and WILL restore this planet Earth to her Divine Perfection. 

Feel the Angels of Unity forming a Bridge of Light from Shamballa to the Palace of Man’s Purpose - and the reason we are stressing the Palace of Man’s Purpose is we know that man’s purpose is to be the Christ in Action – and from the glorious Star of my Being here at Shamballa, like a tremendous fountain of Light, mighty streamers are completely encompassing this planet.  Unity, unity of purpose!  When there is unity in a place where a person works there is successful completion of any product. This goes for all avenues of service, material or spiritual and anything done in an effort to bring forth Perfection is a symbol of Unity. Remember, we have promised you from time to time all the Perfection you will accept.  Listen well to the prompting which you receive in the Silence, not from somebody outside but from the pure Christ, the feeling of Love within. I offer you all the momentum I was privileged to use as ‘Jesus the Christ’ and I am sending into the planet this day to everybody who believes in me (one individual Being as Jesus the Christ) a mighty Ray energizing them with the greater feeling, a more reverent and determined feeling that God is the only Power acting. And remember, we exclude no one, no part of Life, and everyone shall have a blessing according to their acceptance.  Now, dear chelas, I step aside for one mighty Affirmation, one Declaration from the mighty Vesta!  

Beloved Vesta 

Dear children I love you so much. I love this planet and I am coming to you with the Mother Aspect so that you will know that every word that issues forth this day and at all times is to assist you and I RELEASE, I RELEASE, I RELEASE greater and greater Power to the incoming Ray of Unity, Unity of all Life, and may you feel, dear ones, that you and I are ONE, serving the Great Cause of Perfection, restoring Perfection to the planet Earth.  God Bless you.





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