The Shamballa Letter

A weekly release of higher spiritual teachings available by request, to members

 VOLUME V -  Number 11                                                                                                                                        March 22, 1983


Beloved Lady Amaryllis 

With the advent of the Vernal Equinox man’s eyes are eagerly awaiting the awakening of the Garden of Nature.  The days are longer, the Sun seems brighter… and a feeling of hope stirs within his breast. 

The senses of the chela are sharpened and aware of the stirring of the elementals.  Consider how eager the elementals are, for their period of training has been completed preparatory to proving their lessons learned during the time of so-called dormancy.  Through the sense of smell, one notices a certain fragrance in the atmosphere with this new beginning.  Man, oh man, stop and listen to the sweet melody of hope as it permeates not only the atmosphere but the rhythm of your being. This is a time of anticipation… the feeling of Resurrection... of clearing your consciousness of the solidified human tendencies of the ages. Let the wellspring of your being become filled with the joy of manifestation of perfection! 

I assure you every tiny elemental awaits the opportunity of doing his utmost to carry out the plan which is his assignment. As the first tone is sounded heralding the setting into motion the rhythm of the season the spark of Life anticipates the perfection which is its honor to express. At this period man’s attention is turning to the celebration of the Resurrection of the Christ on Easter morn.  Prepare well for the full manifestation of the Christus within all men… not a time of spasmodically expressing that consciousness, but as the Master Jesus overcame all the temptations of the lower self, do thou likewise and go forth in the World of Man wayshowers, revealing to all that you are an example of what the Christus should be... without uttering a word this can be done... your actions and radiation will be proof to all with whom you come in contact the True Way of Living.  It is expedient in this year dedicated to the Family of Man, the Oneness of all Life, that you be the example for others to emulate. 

Anticipating your acceptance of my earnest message, and praying you will outpicture your Divine Identity while the season of Resurrection is yours to tune into... and become Beings of Light for all to see. 

I AM – The Goddess of Spring








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