The Shamballa Letter

A weekly release of higher spiritual teachings available by request, to members

 VOLUME VI, Number 36                                                                                                               September 4, 1984 

Assimilation Class

September 2, 1984

 Lord Michael

The Will of God shall manifest for this planet. The Will of God is Peace and how shall that manifest? In Faith, when you can accept “I AM” consciousness you will find that you dwell in a higher realm, and every heartbeat, every breath you take goes forth to bless Life. Now speaking about all Life, remember to respect the Light in your other fellowman. Know that he is a blessing to you, sent upon your path so that you can bless him for being a mirror into which you can look and see something which is akin to your own self. When there is anything negative expressing, and you rebel in your consciousness, that is a blessing to you because it is your opportunity to use the Sacred Fire. The Sacred Fire of Freedom’s Love… the Sacred Fire of Faith. In illumination you will change your attitude and become the Christ in Action, expressing at all times the Will of God.

I counsel you at this time when man’s attention is upon Peace to remember the Legions of the Blue Ray who are particularly active, with their mighty Swords of Blue Flame to cut away all imperfection. You individually can raise your sword of Blue Flame by your attention. Your attention goes all over the planet, because it joins that to which it is akin; so your attention on Faith, on Protection, on God Illumination, can work marvels, marvels to you, but just an action of the Law. Remember that! Remember that all Life is good. All Life is God in Action. So you can rejoice in the fact that during this particular period, when the Legions of Violet Fire, the Legions of Blue Flame of the Will of God, of Faith, and Protection are particularly active, all you need to do is center your attention, turn your attention to that activity. That is your Sword of Blue Flame.

The Sacred Fire going forth to amplify that activity. Remember that. It is quite simple… where your attention is, there you are! You have heard that over and over again. So when you wish to send forth the Flame of Peace, remember that you must have Faith. Faith is acceptance. Acceptance means that you have Faith in it. Very simple… the Law is simple. But to understand it, you must use it, practice it. The greatest asset you have is “I AM”. Know that when you live in “I AM” consciousness, all is Perfection. You are raising this planet Earth to that perfection which she shall manifest. When we can get that thought across to the chelas, not intellectually but in their feelings, that “I AM” Consciousness, “I AM” Consciousness is part of their Divine Plan. One must dwell in “I AM” Consciousness to continue to serve the Light. Surely that is your desire. Contemplate these simple words over and over until they become a part of your Being. Where your attention is, there you are! Play in the Cosmic Symphony with the Angels, because you are part of their Consciousness. All part of “I AM”. May the tones of your Being, of Beauty, of Perfection, of Peace, of Divine Love, and all the attributes of “I AM” resound throughout this sweet planet. And she shall Manifest, Manifest, Manifest the Will of God.

So saying, I Bless You. “I AM” Consciousness is blessing you, for “I AM” one component in the overall Consciousness of our Father-Mother God, “I AM”.

Lord Michael







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