The Shamballa Letter

A weekly release of higher spiritual teachings available by request, to members

 VOLUME VI, Number 37                                                                                                               September 11, 1984


The Angel of Restoration


Feel the gentle ebb and flow of the Holy Breath… breathing in and breathing out. ALL LIFE BREATHES. All life breathes in harmony with the universe… for ALL LIFE IS ONE. Be aware of the Breath, for awareness of the Breath unites all things, until the ONENESS OF ALL LIFE will be a living reality.


Every Master who has ever walked the Path of Earth has taught mankind that ALL IS ONE, to love his fellow traveler as himself, to treat his fellow traveler as he himself would wish to be treated, to see and feel the unity of all life. Take the journey inwards, and feel this unity with every Breath.


Mind is universal energy, so hold fast to the vision of the heads of all Nations joined in a circle around a luminous globe.


May Divine Love and Peace be everywhere, and the Restoration and Regeneration of the Family of Man will be made manifest.


“I AM” The Angel of Restoration






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