The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 11 - Number 28                                                                                       July 11th, 1989


Beloved Chelas,

So many times you ask for signs. An important point to remember is that we cannot work from the outer to the inner. We must work in just the opposite manner. First, you must always go to the Principle, as Principle is always God. Then, all manifestation will follow. Do not feel badly if you are encumbered at this moment with outer problems. Persist in going within, and working with Principle. It sounds simple, and it is simple. It is not simple of accomplishment, because the outer will always try to mislead you.

A rule to remember is that what the world sees as proof of the problem; you must learn to see as proof of the healing! As an example, when you are working for the healing of a person, or a condition which you sense needs correction, one of the steps in healing process often is the surfacing of the 'problem'. Those who do not understand the working of the Cosmic Law may look at the outer appearance of distress, possibly even intensifying it with the power of their attention. However, the chela understands immediately that the 'problem' has been brought into the Light, where healing may truly be received. Thus, it becomes one step on the path to full recovery and healthfulness.

There is great power for healing in maintaining the correct attitude toward all persons and situations within your individual experiences. I trust that this understanding will be helpful to you in many ways.

Paul, The Maha Chohan








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