The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 11, Number 29                                                                                            July 18th, 1989


Beloved Chelas,

Truth is simple. The man who wishes to make it complex is often one who will deviate from the path of Truth.

You who are the disciples of Holy Spirit have been asked to lay your thoughts and feelings beside those of the Master. Look, then, upon them, and decide if they are that which you would present to your fellow man. Would you make the path difficult and complex for a brother or sister who seeks the Truth?

If... in your consciousness... you sense confusion, then is the time to draw aside and enter the Silence until all confusion is cleared from your mind and feelings.

This is not given in censure, but in love. All who walk the Path of the Masters while still in embodiment upon the Earth experience times of tiredness - of confusion and of pain. At those times, is it not better that you quietly come to me, and rest within my Loving Comfort?

It is not necessary that you always work, for, by being upon the path of the Earth life, you have courageously chosen that which is often difficult of accomplishment. I speak as One who has walked before you... and I walk before you still! I know I love you, and I will always be with you, for I AM in the very center of your Being, and I AM One with you.

I give you my comfort. Accept It.

Paul, The Maha Chohan









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