The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 11, Number 10                                                                                                           March 7th, 1989


Dear Chelas:

Sometimes when faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem in your personal life, it may be helpful to look back to a time when you had an equally difficult obstacle placed before you. Without allowing the specific feelings of that time to register too strongly upon your consciousness, try to remember the sequence of events through which that particular problem was solved. If you then ponder the effect of that period of your life, you can more easily view it as the opportunity which it was, and contemplate your solution to that problem.

This exercise, although difficult, can be of great assistance in learning how to cope with seeming adversity. It may be that you would see other possibilities, better solutions than previously used, but always keep in mind that all experience, spiritually viewed can now form a stepping-stone rather than the block it previously appeared to be.

Your attention upon anything negative will certainly magnify it within your consciousness and life, and would it not be so much better to magnify the solution rather than the problem? Thus is your victory won and perfection allowed to manifest within your world, for it is said that within the problem lies the solution... if you but view it in the Light.

Beloved ones know always that I AM with you, and you need face no obstacle alone. I counsel you to always use the Sacred Transmuting Flame to assist you in purifying as much negative energy as possible, both within your personal worlds, and in all situations that are brought to your attention. Remember that, as a Chela of the Ascended Masters, energies in need of transmutation are often brought to your attention... for the very reason that you know what must be done! You are truly called to be a Presence of the Christ in Action here and now!

Paul, The Maha Chohan






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