The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 11, Number 18                                                                                                      May 2nd, 1989


Dear Friends,

One of the questions that comes up frequently from our Chelas has to do with the negative quality of fear. When an expression of fear moves into your consciousness, it is necessary to transmute it, of course, and as quickly as possible. However, as with all experiences on the planet Earth, how this is dealt with needs to become a building block to higher understanding, and not something of which you need to feel ashamed. All is for the overcoming!

The beloved Master Jesus experienced fear, and he overcame. There is not a truthful person who does not... or has not, experienced fear in the embodied state. As the Masters have overcome fear, so shall each one of you. It is assured.

Fear is a large part of the effluvia created by human consciousness, and it is extremely important that this strata of negativity within the Earth and her atmosphere be purified through your daily calls. These calls always help, tremendously. The unfortunate thing about human consciousness is that it continues to create more of the negative, and while our chelas are 'in the Earth’; it takes a great deal of strength to not be drawn into negative states of consciousness.

When you feel threatened, stop immediately as you become aware of it, and call upon your I AM Presence, and seek the assistance of any Master of Light to assist you. Remember to intensify your own Mantle of Light of protection daily; hourly, if necessary! Once you have called for protection, look squarely at the darkness, and COMMAND, COMMAND, COMMAND it to stand into the Violet Transmuting Flame.

As you persist... and you must persist... you will find that you will take mighty steps forward and upward into the Light of God that knows only Victorious Accomplishment! Remember - you are a Chela of the Ascended Masters, and as such, you act as an Emissary of Light, and you are never alone!

Paul, The Maha Chohan






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