The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 12 - Number 19                                                                                                             May 11th, 1990


Beloved Chelas,

Justice is based upon Truth - always. You can see as your studies deepen that all the virtues of the Godhead are closely related and it would be difficult for one quality to exist without the other, because they are so entwined. 

One of the greatest cries we hear from the people of Earth is that there is no justice! Dear ones - even when you feel that justice does not prevail - you must remember that mankind has set his own kind of justice into action, both through his personal use of energy, and through group and national use of energy as well. We have been studying about personal karma, and now we will turn our attention to the understanding of group karma and national karma. 

I want to give you a phrase to remember, and that is 'MAN IS JUSTICE!' It will serve to remind you that it is man's free will that has set the law into action, and - as you all know - the law must be fulfilled. 

When you come into the Earth plane, you not only return to parents who will assist you to fulfill your personal karmic needs, but you also return to a country in which you will be given the opportunity to assist in the balancing of energy for that country and its people. The intensity of feelings of patriotism that many individuals and groups display for their countries is often an indication of the depth of their karmic alliance. Guardian Spirits of great advancement are in place in every country of the world, waiting and working for the moment when all groups will be ready to be drawn together through their likenesses, rather than being held apart by their seeming differences. 

On the Path of Mastery, the consciousness is greatly expanded, to include the needs of all people upon the planet and further. It means that as you fulfill your personal requirements of balancing energy, you are quite naturally drawn into the balancing of national and international energies, seeing the connection of all life and all countries into one Family of Man. Is it not a beautiful and unifying realization?





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