The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 16, Number 6                                                                                                         February 11, 1994


Beloved Chelas, 

As you work within the primary Ray of each cosmic cycle, the gifts and attributes of the enfolding radiation become more fully understood. This understanding allows you to wield the Sacred Flames to their fullest effect. 

The current cycle holds forth a special opportunity for our chelas to begin to perceive the Divine Order of the Seven Spheres. By observing the movement of energy among the various qualities of the First Sphere, and the ways in which those energies then move forth into the Second Sphere, you shall begin to glimpse the manner in which all Divine Attributes interact to manifest God's Will of Perfection for all Life. 

Within each Sphere are numerous Divine Attributes which work together to achieve the primary radiation of that Ray. Within each group of characteristics, are those which pertain to the creative inbreath (cause), and those which pertain to the creative outbreath (manifestation) of the Sphere. As the Breath of Holy Spirit reaches out further and further into active manifestation, each aspect will in turn become a cause for an ensuing and necessary effect, or manifestation. 

For example, let us look at God's First Sphere, wherein abide the primary characteristics of Divine Will, Order, Unity, Strength, Power, Protection and Faith. In the first Sphere, the central - or core attribute - is Divine Will. It is from this primary Cause that all other aspects of this Sphere issue forth, through the power of the Holy Breath. On the inbreath, the Will of Divine Mind is absorbed. Then, on the outbreath, Divine Will is manifested as perfect Order. 

On the next breath, Order becomes the cause, manifesting on the outbreath as Unity. Unity then begets Strength. Then, another Holy Breath is taken, and on the outbreath, Strength manifests as Power. In the next breath, Power becomes the cause, and the ensuing manifestation is Protection. Protection of Divine Will then gives birth to Faith. 

At the outer perimeter of the projection of the Breath of the First Sphere, these Attributes flow into and interact with the Attributes of the Second Sphere. 

This is a very simplified explanation, upon which we shall expand in the weeks to come. However, before we move further into this teaching, I would suggest that you take some time during the coming week to inbreathe and absorb this information during your time in the Silence. Remain still, and allow the fullness of this understanding to unfold within you. Then, use the power of the Holy Breath to expand and project each of the Attributes of the First Ray into your consciousness, your life experience, and into the Body of Light. This will serve as a wonderful preparatory activity, as you move through the process of integrating the gifts of last year, into the precipitating activities of the current cycle. 

In Light and Love, I AM your Brother,

John, the Beloved







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