The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 16, Number 7                                                                                                             February 18, 1994


Beloved Chelas, 

As you took time to contemplate the major qualities of the First Sphere, you emerged from the Silence with many questions. This is natural, dear ones. Each aspect of Divine Mind is as beautiful and many-faceted as the most intricately cut jewel in the galaxy! Yet, like a smooth pebble which lies beneath the tumbling waters of a crystal brook, each Divine Attribute is but a small part of the streambed which channels the waters of creation onward to the river, and then to the sea. 

Many of you have wondered about our use of the terms 'Sphere', 'Ray', and `Flame'. Saint Germain, in speaking with the students, made a statement which helps to differentiate between these terms. He said, "I stand within the Seventh Sphere, and bless you with my Ray of Freedom. As you absorb my Ray, you then become the Flame of Freedom!" 

The Seven Spheres have been referred to as the 'aura of God,' and can be thought of as the Causal Body of our God Parents, Helios and Vesta. Each of the Seven Spheres are interconnected and interdependent. They are the vast areas of service concerned with manifesting the qualities of God in all aspects of the Universe belonging to the God Parents. 

The Seven Rays are the radiative powers of the Seven Spheres, sent forth to a particular planet or star to achieve manifestation even to the farthest reaches of the Kingdom. Each of the Seven Rays is comprised of all of the various attributes of the Sphere from which it is sent. 

The Flame is the manifestation of the Ray. A Ray becomes a Flame when a God Intelligence ascended or unascended identifies with the vibratory level of any portion of the Ray, and then embodies that vibration. Thus, each Flame of Being is a manifestation of a particular quality of Divinity. 

The God energy expressed through Flame is always ascending, representing the completion of the Divine Idea originally sent forth. Thus, the Flame, itself, is always a manifestation of perfection, regardless of the attribute being manifested through it. 

Although the terms 'Ray' and 'Flame' are often used synonymously, it is helpful to have an understanding of the reality of the Flame as an expression of the Ray. When you recognize and comprehend the activity as it takes place, you are able to be more specific when directing Light into manifestation in the world of form.

In discussing the attributes of the First Sphere, we explained how each Divine Quality becomes first, an effect of Divine Mind, and then the cause for an ensuing effect. The same principle applies here. As a God Intelligence chooses to embody a portion of Divine Principle, he calls forth the activity of the Sphere involved. The Ray issues forth from the Sphere, and the Flame of Being is the result. At the point when the Flame becomes manifest, the substance of Divine Mind begins its return journey Home, to be sent forth again at the impulse of Divine Mind. 

When you invoke an Ascended Master to assist your work by sending his or her Flame, you are invoking the tangible Presence of the Master into your work. The Master will respond by sending forth a momentum of God Energy which is qualified with all of the attributes of his personal Flame of Being. 

For example, when you call forth the activity of the Seventh Ray, you will receive a momentum of all the Divine Attributes of the Seventh Sphere, including the particular qualities expressed through the Flame of the Master upon whom you call. 

You may begin to incorporate this understanding into your daily work by becoming conscious of your invocations for Light. Begin to visualize the activity as it takes place, keeping in mind the maxim 'as above, so below.' The Laws which govern the movement of God Energy continue when the Ray is received by your Inner Christ. See yourself become the Flame, as you receive the Light you have called forth! See the Light move forth from you in a mighty Ray, and then see the Flame manifest in the Being and world of those for whom you make a call! 

Beloved ones, enter the innermost chamber of your Heart, right now, and accept my Flame of brotherhood! Feel the Essence of my Being, as we become One! I love you, dear chelas! Accept my Love! 

John, the Beloved







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