The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 19, Number 14                                                                                                               April 4, 1997


Beloved co-servers, 

As this is my first opportunity to officially address you in a very long time I would first like to ask: How do you feel? If you tuned into the festivities that took place at Shamballa during the sacred and holy celebration of the Feast of the Resurrection, I AM sure most of you are aware that a much greater light than ever before now blazes forth from the heart center of this planet. The vibratory rate of the entire Earth and all life upon it has also increased as a result of the work provided by both ascended and unascended beings during this sacred season. 

Once again I ask: How do you feel? Perhaps you may be finding your thoughts and memories a bit confused and disjointed, your emotions mixed and some discomfort in your physical body. This, beloved ones, is the results of the greater energy now being released into the planet and nothing to be feared. It is time to listen to your bodies and be patient. Allow the many changes that must take place within you happen. Remember also that if you are uncomfortable with the experiences and changes taking place then, by all means, have your symptoms checked out by a competent medical practitioner. This is but one of your many responsibilities as a chela, for it is these and your other vehicles that make up the totality of your being and as a sacred and holy temple of God it is time to begin exemplifying the Christ in the world of form, here and now! 

A very important point that needs to be brought up at this time for consideration is with your intense desire for spiritual growth; how can you have so much resistance to change? I must say, as one who knows very well, it is impossible to have the kind of growth you are currently experiencing without many profound changes taking place! Do you also not realize the confusion and pain growth and change are causing in your life especially now? The very foundation of the Process of Ascension is based upon great change. With the ever upward, always moving energies of this sacred activity, nothing can remain static. Each and every person must adjust and then adapt to the ever increasing energies that come with this process. This, beloved ones, means you must and will change if you wish to continue this path to your personal ascension. 

With greater illumination you will come to understand the information previously given to you very differently. You will constantly expand your knowledge and finally come to the realization that the more you know, the less you really understand. You will begin to discard much of the information previously received, grateful that it has brought you to the place where you now stand, but as you must continue to move forward much of this information you must and will let go. However, you will also easily recognize the many divine principles you have received over the years and diligently work to integrate them into all aspects of your life sharing this information with others. 

Expanding the quality of illumination even further, your etheric and emotional bodies will become more peaceful and serene. You will transmute, purify and release all past memories that are impeding your forward progress. You will also come to listen to and rely upon the many subtle, and perhaps often not so subtle, messages continuously being shared with you from your higher self. As the connection with your God Presence becomes stronger, you will become more sensitive and greatly increase your ability to understand what is taking place around you with very little explanation from others, for much of your information now comes from that 'inner knowing' that all people have and most of you choose not to listen to. 

With these wonderful changes taking place within, your physical body will change also as you begin to manifest in the world of form the perfection of the God Being you are fast becoming. In fact, these changes and many more are already taking place, beloved ones! If you doubt my words, go to any mirror and take a few moments to really look at yourself. I guarantee you will see it and perhaps you will even see one of us standing beside you for we are always with you. We have come to support, encourage and love you as you strive to complete the same magnificent journey we all find ourselves making and just as we have gone before you and now assist in making your sojourn easier, so must you also do the same for all your beloved brothers and sisters who follow. I thank you for this opportunity to share time with you, beloved ones, and as one who, according to God's Time, left the earth plane but a mere moment ago I enfold you in my love and comfort. 

Lady Miriam







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