The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 19, Number 15                                                                                                           April 11, 1967


Beloved chelas, 

According to my original plan this quarter was to be devoted primarily to the healing of immediate family members, especially concerning personal relationships. However, I believe there is some additional work still required within your emotional body so we will focus our attention over the next several weeks upon this vehicle. 

As most of you know, this very important part of yourself is the largest of your four lower bodies. In fact it actually includes within itself your mental, etheric and physical bodies so you can easily understand why itís good health and perfect balance is imperative for any further spiritual development. 

Because your emotional body, or feeling body if you prefer, includes your other lower vehicles your physical body can also respond to various emotional stimuli with various skin sensations such as tingling, feelings of heat or cold; a dry mouth; an increase in your heart rate just to name a few symptoms. Your mental body may then begin to work overtime wondering why your physical body is responding in such a way and try to figure out how to stop it. Your etheric body may even flood your mental body with memories of times when you responded in a similar way. This may cause your reactions to be even more pronounced than they already are or reassured that these responses will pass, help in calming you down. 

As your emotional body can have such a profound effect upon you I would like to offer for your consideration the following exercise. I believe you may find it helpful in quieting your emotional vehicle. Any time you feel agitated and out of balance for any reason whatsoever silently, or if necessary out loud, repeat the following statements. 

Physical Body, be still!

Etheric Body, be still!

Mental Body, be still!

Emotional Body, be still! 

Through my Holy Christ Self allow my I AM Presence to take full command of my outer self so I may be the Christ in action at all times! 

As you use these very powerful words see and feel wave after wave of peace and serenity going forth from the very center of your being to the outer edges of your aura and beyond, re-balancing your energies and returning you to the stillness of the Great Silence. Then, from this sacred space you will once again become the Presence of the Christ and with every emotion, thought, word, action, reaction and deed in this world further fulfill your individual divine plan. 

At first you may need to repeat these words with great conviction many, many times to achieve the desired results, but after awhile they will come to work the moment the need of their use is brought to your attention. During the next week try this simple exercise and then observe the results, for I believe you will have many opportunities to use them throughout the coming seven day period. However, I would like to caution you, please be patient with yourself and others, for as was so beautifully shared with you last week: "With your intense desire for spiritual growth you must no longer resist the many changes that will come with it." 

Master Hilarion







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