The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 19, Number 16                                                                                                                     April 18, 1997


Beloved students of divine truth, 

With the exercise I asked you to work with during the past week you may have experienced many fears coming to the surface of your conscious mind. May I remind you to take each and every opportunity and face your fears, beloved ones? You have been given all the tools and knowledge you need to accomplish this task and you are never alone. Call to me or any other member of the Green Ray of Healing and Truth, or for that matter any member of the Spiritual Hierarchy for we stand ready always to respond to your calls. 

It is time to accept and embrace the 'Dark Night of the Soul,' dear chelas, for this experience brings with it all the wisdom, power and love you need to finally break through into the pure light of God Acceptance. This does not mean that your task has been completed but your path will become a little easier, for no matter how hard your ego has worked to remain in control, it has been put in its proper place and as you continue to place your personal work high on the list of your priorities it will stay there. 

By definition 'fear' is that unpleasant, often very strong emotion that is caused by the anticipation or awareness of imminent danger. Often this quality is so powerful that, even when you know better, it can actually stop someone dead in their tracks and keep them from doing what it is they need to do. This, dear chelas, is especially true in the fulfillment of not only individual divine plans but that of your planet. This is the information your ego has known and used throughout lifetimes of your existence to keep you and all your brothers and sisters in the Family of Man from their full connection and unification with the Presence of God I AM! 

It is time for all people on the Earth to step past this obstacle so that the full ascension into the light can take place and Saint Germain's Permanent Golden Age of Spiritual Freedom can reach fruition. As I share this information I don't want the mistaken belief to go forth that the Earth's Ascension is dependent upon the fact that all of its people must awaken first. I reassure you this process has begun, in fact, it is well under way! 

You would be surprised to know how few people actually involved with and doing the work it will take to reach the ultimate goal. I shall tell you now there are enough lightworkers working for the salvation of this planet at this time to accomplish this mission. The only so called stumbling block that remains is the fact that everyone must drop all barriers that separate them from others. All negative thoughts, memories and emotions must be transmuted and released. Then, the act of physically unifying all energies can take place and the process can begin in earnest and one day we will all look around and say: "It is done!" 

During the coming week take a few moments to think about your own personal fears and how they have affected your choices in the past and continue to control your life. If you have the time to track all negativity back to its cause you will find that, with the veils removed, fear lies at the core of every difficulty in your life. Release yourselves now from this bondage, from the many fears that have held you so tightly throughout the ages, for the time is now to take that mighty leap forward and fully enter the New Age! Ponder my words carefully and it is my hope you are able to find peace in your life. 

Master Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray








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