Master Saint Germain

New Year's Eve
December 31st, 2023

Master Saint Germain enfolding the Earth in Violet Fire

My beloved sisters and brothers, 

As you all well know, in this New Age of Spiritual Freedom there are so many changes taking place within you and throughout your entire planet. Some are magnificent to see and experience, while others bring difficulty and distress, and you constantly find yourself asking why. Why would the Universal Presence of the Divine allow such things to happen? Why would members of the human family choose to act in such a way that goes so far against Divine Principles? 

Whenever this occurs always remember that you are enfolded, supported and one with the Spiritual Hierarchy! You have wholeheartedly worked this past year to manifest the magnificence of Divine Will in your lives and I know this will continue well into the next beloved ones. You have also often been told to constantly use the Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love allowing it to fill your being to overflowing so that you continuously radiate your energy, vibration, consciousness, and most importantly your love to and through all life everywhere. Also remember, be grateful for each and every opportunity to do so! 

To assist you in this endeavor I would like to speak of freedom, one of my many gifts to life and a powerful quality that is so active at this time in earth’s evolution. It is expanding and will continue to expand throughout you and your planet during this current two thousand year cycle. As with most attributes freedom has countless characteristics and expressions. 

All people want freedom but what does this mean? For many it is the freedom to think, the freedom to speak, the freedom to act. Everyone desires the freedom to do what they want, and this is founded upon the choices they make. In other words, free-will is an integral part of freedom. Without it there can be no true freedom. However, to be most effective it must, I repeat must be tempered with several other divine blessings and these can be found within the Sacred Fire and its many rays. 

First, you must find the strength to honor perfection within all things. Second, you must have the wisdom to know right from wrong. Third, you must love yourself and others, and do no harm. Fourth, have hope that what is divine shall always prevail. Fifth, constantly consecrate your thoughts, actions, feelings, and speech. Sixth, constantly maintain peace within yourself and share this peace with others. Seventh, ask for forgiveness for any negativity that comes to the fore in your life, created by you or by others. Eighth, resist all that divides. Instead cooperate and find unity in the acceptance of one another. 

Finally, as you live only in the eternal now manifest perfection in all that you do. Acknowledge God acting in every person, place, condition, and thing as you strive to serve hand-in-hand with the Ascended Host of Light. . . . 

If you do your best to do this beloved ones, divine freedom will become a manifest reality in your world and the world around you and much of the negativity, pain, and suffering you have observed during the past twenty years will cease to be. 

Almost eighty years ago I spoke through beloved Geraldine, who at that time was the Channel for this Activity of Light. My words are as true today as they were then: 

“…crude and undeveloped are the magnets of beauty that will one day shine so powerfully that the masses will automatically rush toward their outpouring of peace, happiness, and enlightenment. Each student who has become a member of my family will serve me best as he or she becomes an expression of beauty and a constant, living, breathing finger pointing humanity to the highest in every activity of their daily living, both inner and outer…” 

As we continue along the path to Spiritual Freedom together, I AM and always will be your brother and mentor. It is my hope that this year now coming to a close has been one of perfection for each of you, your friends, and your loved ones. And may the new year, waiting patiently just beyond the horizon, be filled to overflowing with all the peace, harmony, and joy you can receive. . . . 

In closing I invite you to always seek—for you shall find. Ask—and it shall be revealed. Knock—and the door to your divine freedom shall be opened wide to you. Enter now beloved ones and come to know the perfect peace of the divine! 

I AM Saint Germain